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NXT UK Live Results – December 17, 2020

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Results will be updated throughout the show so make sure to check back regularly.

NXT UK emanates once again from the BT Studios in London, England, as Gallus defend their NXT UK Tag Team Championships against The Hunt in the main event.

Live coverage begins at 8pm GMT/3pm EST

Announced For Tonight:

Kay Lee Ray vs. Isla Dawn

  • We’re kicking straight off with some action, which is nice. A lot of episodes since the re-launch have begun very Raw, with a lot of talking to set up the show.
  • I feel sorry for Isla already.
  • A lock-up to start and Ray goes straight to the arm with a variety of arm bars.
  • Dawn reverses nicely. She’s come such a long way.
  • Dawn catches Ray with a knee and several kicks.
  • A lovely meteora by Isla.
  • Ray is back in control – of course – she’s the champion.
  • But Dawn with a pump kick and more strikes with her feet.
  • A second meteora by Dawn. She’s got something. WWE need to harness this.
  • A very close near fall for Dawn with what used to be called her Call of the Quarters Suplex. I love Ray more than any other women’s wrestler in the world, but a win for Dawn would be huge.
  • Ray with a great tornado DDT and locks in a koji clutch but Dawn gets the rope break.
  • Ray with a superkick and Gory Bomb for the win.
  • Kay Lee Ray says she’s longest reigning women’s champion WWE.
  • She says no one can stand-up to her and we better get used to the sight because forever is a long time.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

Analysis: A strong opening bout for both women. Isla Dawn is used as the patsy again but this time she showed she made of sterner stuff. Ray continues her domination but she really needs a new challenger.

Ben Carter is coming to NXT UK! That’s amazing news for the brand. A lot of NXT UK stars talk about how good he is during this video package. We even get comments from Seth Rollins who trained him.

Carter is going to be huge for NXT UK if they allow him to shine and don’t put him in months of pointless bouts against Saxon Huxley and Jack Starz.

We get an Ilja Dragunov vignette which looks back at his match with Walter. He’s sitting in the middle of an empty ring and says he’s not proud. He says he made a promise but lost to Walter. He says he needs to start from the beginning and find himself. Dragunov then takes out his red contact lenses.

Saxon Huxley vs. Levi Muir and Jack Starz

  • Jesus. I don’t know why NXT UK are pushing Huxley this much. He’s enhancement through and through and I do not possibly see where this could go.
  • This match comes from Huxley taking them both out in the locker room last week.
  • Muir and Starz tag in and out but get zero offence in against Huxley who is doing his best Berzerker impression.
  • Saxon takes Muir out of the air but Starz gets a blind tag. Muir slingshots Stars into Huxley and dropkicks him to send Huxley to the mat.
  • Lou Thesz press by Huxley to Starz. I mean, this is a mauling if I ever saw one.
  • Huxley with a huge powerslam and takes both men out at ringside.
  • Saxon with a huge slam into the mat, looked like he was going for a tilt-a-whirl.
  • Muir in. He catches Saxon on a Thesz press attempt which looked good.
  • Dropkicks, tags but Huxley isn’t going down.
  • Starz with a flying shoulderblock, gets sent outside, sunset flip back inside and they get the shock victory.
  • Huxley attacks them after the match but Dave Mastiff makes the save.

Winner: Jack Starz and Levi Muir

Analysis: I didn’t see the end coming and I have to say neither did I care. Saxon Huxley is one of the most boring men on the roster and even the upcoming feud with Mastiff isn’t going to do anything for him. Apart from the outcome, this was pointless except to begin the next feud for Dave.

Sid Scala earlier this week. Piper Niven storms in with her phone and shows him her training in the PC. Then when she’s gone a mystery person leaves her a big box. She opens it and there’s a chair inside. She wants Jinny and will get her in 3 weeks time.

Dave Mastiff meets Rampage Brown backstage and says he’ll fight anyone in front of him.

A-Kid is in the ring with the NXT UK Heritage Cup. He says it’s a milestone for him and Spain and these last few months have been amazing. Kid talks about beating Tyler Bate last week and he wants to prove that he is the best.

A-Kid challenges Walter for the NXT UK Championship and you know what? I think he could win it.

Walter comes out and says that next time he steps foot in his ring he wipes his feet on the apron. Walter gets into the ring. Walter admits that A-Kid is great but how dare he pretend to represent the heritage of the sport.

Walter accepts the challenge. And this is going to be amazing when it happens.

Kenny Williams is on the verge of tears in the PC. Amir Jordan comes in and asks if he’s ok. He’s not Amir, look at him. Kenny looks injured and says he’ll help Jordan with a singles run until he’s better then they’ll go for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

Trent Seven sits down to talk and he looks annoyed. He knows why he’s there to talk about the Heritage Cup loss and he’s not happy. Seven credits A-Kid for he is and he can do and says he put too much pressure on himself.

Trent Seven says that he wasn’t prepared and says that Kid has been there a year and he’s a champion. He’s been there since the beginning and hasn’t. Trent Seven says he needs to be better.

Trent Seven says he’s going away for a while. It’s not goodbye. But he’s going to work on things.

Rampage Brown vs. Josh Morrell

  • Start the clock on this one.
  • It’s good to see Morrell back in action. I think the last time we saw him was in 2018.
  • They’re building Brown for something. It’s not clear what yet.
  • Morrell looks really good again but gets hit with a huge back drop and boot.
  • Rampage is just demolishing Josh. Elbows, boots, elbow drops. This is relentless.
  • Morrell with a lovely standing corkscrew body press and Brown is holding his shoulder.
  • Brown reverses an Irish whip, Josh with another corkscrew body dodge and Brown levels him with a clothesline and powerbomb.
  • Doctor Bomb for the win.

Winner: Rampage Brown

Analysis: I mean it was an exhibition and that’s it. Morrell looked really good but it was a basic squash. Brown now needs his first real feud and hopefully that will be Dave Mastiff after his little dalliance with Huxley.

Sid Scala is back. Johnny Saint is nowhere to be seen again. He announces that Walter will defend against A-Kid in the New Year.

We’re getting a Christmas Eve edition of NXT UK next week. No idea what that means, but it’s most likely a recap show. We’ll let you know.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match
(c) Gallus vs. The Hunt

  • Bold prediction, we’re going to have new tag team champions.
  • I still do not like Mark Coffey’s new doublet they’ve made him wear. He looks like Keith Lee in that thing. What he has before was fine.
  • Primate takes it Wolfgang and The Hunt double team him. I love this new Hunt. They’re so visceral and violent.
  • Wolfgang fights back and a tag to Mark Coffey.
  • Coffey with a huge slam to Boar. The size difference is something to behold.
  • Tags in and out by the champions. A nice Russian leg sweep by Coffey but Boar is a firecracker. I’ve been a fan of Hitchman for several years now. So glad he’s getting this chance.
  • Double back drop by Hunt and Primate wails away with right hands on Coffey.
  • Long rear chinlock which really takes the sting out of the match.
  • Boar with a lovely standing senton onto the back of Coffey and back to the rear chinlock.
  • Coffey fights back, lovely running uppercut but misses Boar in the corner.
  • Primate pulls down Wolfgang as Coffey goes to tag.
  • Wolfgang is in and a stiff knee to Boar. Now it’s picking up.
  • Huge running crossbody from Wolfie in the corner and Caber Toss but Primate breaks it up.
  • Dennis saves Boar, but Joe Coffey is out to deal with Dennis.
  • Andrews and Webster from out of nowhere, they push Hunt from the top rope and Gallus hit their enziguri/powerslam finisher for the win.
  • Pretty Deadly are out to taunt Gallus but Ashton Smith and Oliver Cater attack and throw them in.
  • Gallus beat down Pretty Deadly.

Winners: Gallus

Analysis: I really thought that The Hunt would win that considering their momentum going in. Maybe it was more of a wish. The match was a little rushed, you could have given this more time and axed one of the other bouts that didn’t matter. Saxon Huxley I’m looking at you. In the end, this should have been much more and The Hunt shouldn’t have gone down as easily.

Final Analysis: I’m going to be honest, NXT UK are better than this. The entire show was squash matches in one way or another leading to what promised to be a great main event. But when it came to it, it felt rushed and not really as important as it had been built to sound. The Hunt have been dominant for weeks, but now we’re expected to believe they lose to basically being pushed off of the top rope and a powerslam? Not going to wash.

The ending, however, made some sense as it continues the rivalry between South Wales Subculture and The Hunt. But the story would have been given extra impetus with the titles on the line. Now, Gallus will move on to Pretty Deadly who I am sure will be the next champions as the brand are doing a great job of focusing on their next top stars.

Speaking of next top stars, A-Kid vs. Walter will be incredible in the New Year as the Austrian looks to beat Pete Dunne’s title reign of 685 days. Will A-Kid win? I’m going to say yes. Even though it will somewhat anti-climatic with no audience and on television, a victory would seal Kid as the next big star which is what NXT UK have been after for quite some time.

The other option is Walter retains and defends his gold against Finn Balor at NXT TakeOver: Dublin in June next year which is obviously the bigger match. However, that’s another six months away and looking at the roster now with Trent Seven gone away and Tyler Bate finding his feet after what was a wasted opportunity upon his return, I just don’t see where NXT UK are going to get Walter’s opponents from. Opponents let’s not forget, that would need to do the job to keep the title on him until we reach Ireland.