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NXT UK Results – April 29, 2021

NXT UK Results April 29 V3

Follow NXT UK results live as they unfold from BT Sport Studios, as Gallus are set to clash with Symbiosis in six-man tag action.

Matches and segments scheduled for tonight’s show include:

  • Meiko Satomura vs. Aoife Valkyrie
  • Rohan Raja will make his NXT UK debut against Teoman
  • Levi Muir vs. Sha Samuels
  • Kay Lee Ray will make a statement
  • Gallus (Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey & Wolfgang) vs. Symbiosis (Eddie Dennis, Primate & Tyson T-Bone)

Results from the April 22 episode of NXT UK can be found here.

Teoman vs. Rohan Raja

  • This is Rohan Raja’s NXT UK in-ring debut after signing with WWE in January.
  • Teoman slaps Raja in the face as the referee ordered a clean break.
  • Raja attempts for a more grappling-based contest, however Teoman strikes his opponent at every opportunity early on.
  • Teoman locks in a Crossface and Raja almost makes it to the bottom rope. Frustrated, Teoman viciously yanks back at his opponent’s neck, resulting in a referee stoppage.

Winner: Teoman via referee stoppage

  • Dani Luna, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster appear in a pre-recorded video where they highlight the importance of ‘Mod’ and ‘Punk’ culture in their mindsets.
  • Dave Mastiff approaches Ilja Dragunov to offer a match next week. Dragunov accepts Mastiff’s invitation.

Kay Lee Ray in-ring segment

  • Kay Lee Ray emphasises that she is not only the longest reigning champion in NXT UK, but in WWE as a whole.
  • She lists the opponents that she has beaten (Toni Storm, Jinny, Maiko Satomura etc.)
  • Sid Scala announces that five women will compete in a Gauntlet Match for the number one contender status for the NXT UK Women’s Championship.
  • The five women to compete in the Gauntlet Match are Jinny, Isla Dawn, Dani Luna, Xia Brookside and Emilia McKenzie.
  • “None of you are good enough”, warns Ray as she confidently holds her title aloft.
  • NXT UK Tag Team Champions appear in a short video showing their recent media appearances, including their exclusive interview with ITRWrestling.com’s own Gary Cassidy.
  • It is announced that Tyler Bate will challenge A-Kid for the NXT UK Heritage Cup in three weeks.

Levi Muir vs. Sha Samuels

  • Muir approaches Samuels with confidence and aims to use his strength advantage for an early lead.
  • Samuels evades a running elbow drop and reverses the momentum.
  • Levi Muir manages to pick his opponent up over his shoulders, however Samuels rakes the eyes behind the referee’s back.
  • Muir attempts to climb to the top rope, but Samuels sends him crashing down and follows up with a Spinebuster for the win.

Winner: Sha Samuels via pinfall

  • Trent Seven is stopped for an interview at the Performance Center and is quickly stopped by Sam Gradwell.
  • Gradwell takes issue with Seven’s claim of being a “founding father”, stressing that they both signed with the company on the same day for the same amount of money.

Meiko Satomura vs. Aoife Valkyrie

  • Both women share a bow of respect after the bell rings.
  • Aoife Valkyrie begins to evade Satomura with her impressive athleticism as Satomura takes control.
  • Valkyrie sends her opponent to the outside with a huge Enziguri and follows up with a running dropkick through the ropes.
  • Satomura struggles to break free from a Double Omoplata, but manages to make it to the rope.
  • Valkyrie is faced with a similar situation as Satomura locks in a kneebar. Satomura follows up with a flurry of kicks.
  • Valkyrie dodges an incoming running kick and hits a devastating Pelé kick resulting in a two count.
  • Meiko Satomura ends Valkyrie’s undefeated streak with a Scorpio Rising.
  • Both women share another moment of respect after the match.

Winner: Meiko Satomura via pinfall

Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) vs. Symbiosis (Eddie Dennis, Primate & Tyson T-Bone)

  • Primate and Joe Coffey are first in to start the match.
  • Eddie Dennis quickly tags in as both faction’s leaders lock horns.
  • T-Bone and Primate attack Joe Coffey with tandem offence.
  • Joe Coffey hits Eddie Dennis with a huge springboard Crossbody from the top rope.
  • Primate and T-Bone hit Coffey with a Powerslam/diving headbutt combination, but Coffey kicks out.
  • Wolfgang spears T-Bone away from the apron, consequently leaving Primate alone in the ring.
  • Joe Coffey hits Primate with a discus lariat to secure the victory whilst Gallus block Dennis from entering the ring.

Winners: Gallus via pinfall

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