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NXT Suffers COVID Outbreak

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WWE have suffered a COVID outbreak within NXT The news was confirmed by Jon Alba of Spectrum Sports 360.

Alba, whose reports were corroborated by Sean Ross Sapp via Fightful Select, reports the outbreak may have particularly affected creative.
Meanwhile, Sapp reports that Performance Center classes were cancelled, and that the outbreak occurred over the past couple of weeks.

Fightful’s report confirms that the first positive COVID tests took place on the week of September 9th. It’s also reported that WWE knew ahead of last week’s show and we’ve already witnessed significant changes as a result.

Sapp continues that NXT recruits who have been training at WWE’s new, makeshift Performance Center were among those testing positive. It’s added that, despite classes being cancelled, some “essential coaches” remain.

The Performance Center has a mandatory mask-wearing policy while outside the ring. That policy isn’t in place for individuals inside the ring or in the gym area. Jon Alba notes that some people had gotten “relaxed” with mask wearing, particularly in spots where people congregate.

It’s added that positive tests were still happening as recently as the weekend, with Alba noting the belief that a coach accidentally spread the virus.

WWE have not yet commented on the reports.