NXT Stars Blame WWE Training For Recent Injury Crisis

WWE NXT logo over Cora Jade

In recent weeks and months, a number of injuries have struck NXT including to a growing list of wrestlers who are yet to feature on television.

The problems came to the fore at Spring Breakin’ when Indi Hartwell got injured in a freak accident involving her Triple Threat Match with Roxanne Perez and Tiffany Stratton. In the match, Stratton performed a dive to the outside and while catching the star, Hartwell’s ankle and knee buckled underneath her.

It has also been revealed that Grayson Waller suffered an injury during his match with Carmelo Hayes, while Sol Ruca has been written off television due to a serious knee injury.

Meanwhile, Wendy Choo, Thea Hail, and Nikkita Lyons are already on the injured list.

In a new report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer notes that some within NXT are laying the blame firmly at the feet of a new strength and conditioning coach.

“There are those who have blamed the current workouts they are putting the talent through as being counterproductive due to all the injuries. One person noted the new strength and conditioning coach has talent lifting heavy all the time and there is a feeling that heavy lifting that puts any stress on knees, shoulders or backs, is counterproductive for a wrestling style that also puts so much stress on those same body parts.

The former coach was about doing athletic drills and trying to develop explosiveness and the complaints are that now it is more about increasing strength in different lefts by going heavy.”

NXT Women’s Title Almost Changed Hands At Spring Breakin’

When Indi Hartwell suffered her injury at Spring Breakin’ the star was taken backstage and the match continued. It has been revealed that WWE actually made the call for Stratton to defeat Perez to win the Women’s Title before Hartwell was cleared and hobbled back into the action to score the win as planned.