NXT Star Grayson Waller Makes Surprise Appearance On Raw

Grayson Waller

NXT Superstar Grayson Waller made an appearance on Monday Night Raw to confront AJ Styles in continuation of their feud that began on this past week’s NXT 2.0.

On the December 21st episode of NXT 2.0, AJ Styles made his way to the WWE Performance Center to take Grayson Waller to task over comments the upstart made on social media the weekend before. Not only did Waller mock Styles for his hairstyle and for “hanging on too long,” he accused the former WWE Champion of riding his then-partner Omos’ coattails.

The battle of words continued on NXT 2.0 when Grayson Waller pointed out that AJ’s insurance policy wasn’t there anymore as AJ Style and Omos split on the previous night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Styles shot back at Waller saying “You had three good weeks and you think you’re a Superstar? Try being phenomenal for 20+ years!”

The two looked like they may come to blows before Waller bailed out of the ring, refusing to fight.

Though it looked like this feud would take place solely on NXT 2.0 while AJ Styles dealt with Omos on Raw, it seemed that Grayson Waller didn’t want to wait until Tuesday for another confrontation as he appeared in the crowd on Raw while AJ Styles cut a promo asking where Omos was tonight as his former tag team partner was absent from Raw.

The NXT star held up a sign that stated “The Grayson Waller effect is phenomanal.”

Waller then hopped the barricade to confront AJ Styles in the ring to continue the war of words they started on NXT.

The NXT 2.0 social media account seemed surprised as well and comically responded to Waller’s appearance, stating simply “um.”

While Grayson Waller was still in the ring, the segment was interrupted by Apollo Crews with Commander Azeez in tow. Azeez confronted Styles, saying that since AJ’s giant wasn’t here tonight, he should face Azeez instead. However, the match between Azeez and AJ Styles did not take place since Apollo Crews stepped in instead, saying that he would give Azeez the night off. Crews was defeated in the bout.