NXT Results – October 21st, 2020

Match graphic for Breezango Vs. Undisputed Era on the October 21st 2020 episode of NXT.

Emanating live from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida, WWE NXT #426 will feature a Tag Team Championship defence, a first-time Triple Threat match and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott rekindling his rivalry with Legado Del Fantasma’s Santos Escobar!

Already announced for tonight’s show is:

Kushida defeats The Velveteen Dream and Tommaso Ciampa via pinfall in 12:05

  • Kushida in the ring as the show opens, Ciampa jumps Dream before the bell leading to a 2-on-1 beat-down from Ciampa and Dream.
  • Velveteen Dream isolated and excluded earlier on as the match focuses more on Kushida vs Ciampa.
  • Match produced in a very early 2010’s fashion, with the focus on hard hitting striking sequences and exchanging big spots in rotation.
  • Kushida targets the arms of both Ciampa and Dream throughout to soften them for the arm bar.
  • Dream breaks up a submission attempt with a beautiful Purple Rainmaker.
  • Kushida hits a sequence of incredible suicide dives before being caught with Widows Bell.
  • Ciampa is hit by the cast of Dream before a deadlift german from Kushida knocks him out allowing the time spliter to pick up the 3 count.

Analysis: A fantastic opener for NXT this week, fast-paced and hard-hitting exactly what NXT needs to grab viewer attention. Kushida winning makes perfect sense and he must surely be in place for a World Title match when Balor returns from injury. Ciampa taking the pin was disappointing however it was not clean and leaves room for Dream and Ciampa to continue feuding and move into stipulation matches down the line.

The Undisputed Era address Breezango.

  • Adam Cole appears on a Ipad, states that he is still not cleared but he is getting better each day.
  • Kyle questions the doubters of Undisputed Era, says that they have already fulfilled their prophecy once and it will happen again.
  • Fish and Strong state that Breezango are a embarrassment to the Tag Team division and that tonight it will be 1-2-3 boom .

Analysis: A fun, if nothing segment. Undisputed Era are still in a very transitional period and the Ridge Hollands storyline will now need to be revamped due to his unfortunate injury. Cole on Ipad was lovely, i’d like to see him on a Segway at ringside, think that would be a clever way to add some humour into the UE.

Ember Moon defeats Jessi Kamea via Submission in 4:14.

  • Ember Moon acts as the dominate yet willing veteran in this match, allows Kamea some offence whilst encouraging her to try some more.
  • Kamea gets in a couple nice moves at the beginning of the match, most notably a Cesaro style spinning uppercut.
  • Ember utilised a more aggressive in ring style than we are used to, using submissions and viscous kicks to dominate Kamea.
  • Kamea looks impressive in a limited capacity and shows progress from previous encounters.
  • Ember picks up the win with a new submission finisher, a cross face mixed with a wheelbarrow knee bar.
  • Dakota Kai jumps Ember after the match and states she won’t be used for exposure.

Analysis: This was exactly what it should have been, Ember looked dominant and illustrated the subtle character differences through a new offence style. Kamea looked impressive in her limited moments of offence and looked great at selling Moon’s big moves. This was a prime example of what i have always referred to as the NXT squash match, yes this was one sided and the result was obvious but it still made the ‘loser’ look good in the process. Kai vs Moon is a big money match and i would love this feud to go all the way to TakeOver and get a big exposure.

Bobby Fish is Mysteriously Attacked Backstage

  • We cut immediately to a commotion backstage, we see Fish on the ground selling an attack
  • O’Reilly and Strong state they do not know who attacked Fish but they will find him.
  • Fish is send to a medical facility for a MRI and replaced by Kyle in the main event.

Analysis: Another feather in the mystery of who paid Holland to attack Cole, the most interesting part of this is that it makes it unlikely that the attackers are Strong and Fish themselves. Strong and O’Reilly may be more likely to win the main event so this could change everything.

Bronson Reed defeats Austin Theory via Pinfall in 4:11

  • Austin Theory is dominant for the opening sequences of the match however Reed quickly regains control.
  • Commentary quick to point out Theory has not won since his victory over Leon Ruff.
  • Reed victorious quickly via a giant splash.
  • Theory grabs the mic and says he is not leaving until he beats Reed so the bell rings again.
  • Reed beats Theory for a second time in under a minute via Samoan drop.
  • Bronson Reed set to challenge the winner of Gargano vs Priest at Halloween Havoc.
  • Post match Austin Theory ‘quits NXT’.

Analysis: NXT need to give Theory a week off, I am sure this storyline is leading somewhere with Gargano and that will surely but great. However, for now the audience are just over exposed to Theory with him wrestling around 8 times on NXT this month. It is just too much, it harmed his match with Gargano that was otherwise excellent. As for Reed, commentary stated he has declared himself #1 contender for the NA Championship and that is great. Reed has improved leaps and bounds in recent months and a NA Title match with Gargano in particular could be a career making moment for the Thicc Boi.

Xia Li challenges Kacy Catanzaro

  • Noticeably face promo from Xia who is thankful at Kacy for accepting her match challenge.
  • Kacy says she understands Xia’s need to win but that she wont make it easy for her.
  • Xia says this will be the biggest night of her life.

Analysis: Something is surely going to go down during this match so i will reserve judgement and analysis for then however i will add here that it is great to see lower card female talent being given interesting and unique story-lines. Something other shows could learn a thing or two about.

Legado Del Fantasma defeat Swerve, Atlas and Adonis via Pinfall in 14:51

  • LDF attempt to divide and conquer early on, however, some innovative movement from Swerve breaks the deadlock.
  • Atlas, Adonis and Swerve hit a series of incredible dives to the outside to gain control heading into the first ad-break.
  • Jake Atlas whips out The Three Amigos in a perfectly Eddie fashion.
  • A lot of this match occurs during ad-breaks, makes it difficult to notice the smaller details of the match.
  • Atlas, Adonis and Swerve win the wrestling portions of the bout, however LDF regularly regain control through under handed tactics.
  • Atlas reversed a suicide dive into a Spanish Fly over the top rope to the outside.
  • Escobar hits an incredible straight arrow tope but is immediately caught with a float over DDT from Atlas.
  • Atlas is to busy trash talking Escobar on the outside to notice Wilde pick up the win.

Analysis: This was wonderful, Adonis and Swerve are incredible high flyers and Atlas’ hybrid style makes him a perfect opponent for nearly any opponent. LDF looked fluid and dominant through portions of this match and this is probably the first time they felt like a truly cohesive unit. Atlas was an incredible hot tag in the second half of this match, his more aggressive style that has appeared since Ciampa brutalised him a few months ago has been wonderful to watch. Atlas costing his team through selfish focus on Escobar is great story work. This is a must watch.

The Gargano’s practice Wheel Spinning ahead of Halloween Havoc.

  • Short pre-ad segment in which Johnny and Candice do practice spins ahead of ‘Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal’ at Halloween Havoc.
  • Candice gets Trick or Street fight and is quick to point out she is undefeated in Street Fights.
  • Johnny (who has a fear of wheels) gets Buried Alive followed by Casket Match.
  • Gargano freaks out and tries to beat up the wheel as we go to the ads.

Analysis: The Gargano’s from home segments are a weekly highlight of NXT for me and this was no different. Johnny’s irrational fear of wheels suits their real housewives of Florida gimmick perfectly, the subtle note to Candice’s record in Street Fights was nice and adds a new dynamic to her vs Io next week.

Ever Rise defeat The Fury & The Furry via DQ in 2:54

  • Killian Dain is still not fully sold on teaming with Maverick however he wants revenge on Ever Rise for the attack last week.
  • Commentary tells us Ever Rise have said they are targeting Maverick because he is the easiest victim in the roster and they want a win.
  • Ever Rise dominate Maverick however Dain tags in and controls the match shortly before the numbers advantage allows Ever Rise to regain control.
  • Parker belittles Maverick on the outside which fires him up leading him to grab a steel chair and go to town on both members of Ever Rise, subsequently costing himself and Dain the match.
  • Dain goes over and looks set to strike Maverick for costing him the match, however instead he hugs Maverick and says “That was awesome, where has that guy been”.
  • Maverick and Dain are now friends.

Analysis: I have been Dain’s biggest critic in previous months so i feel it only fair to say as clearly as possible, this was fantastic. It’s silly, it’s fun, but also it adds depth to NXT’s weakest division. Ever Rise got a fluke win and i hope they do not shut up about it for several weeks until Maverick and Dain get their win back. I am excited for the future of this team.

Roderick Strong is Attacked Backstage.

  • For the second time tonight a member of Undisputed Era is attacked backstage.
  • No one sees who attacked Strong and Kyle is left alone.
  • Kyle says that he is not competing tonight and leaves to check on his friends in the hospital.
  • Breezango vs Lorcan and Burch is now our main event.

Analysis: This story just got even more interesting, i have no idea who is attacking the Undisputed Era but i am excited to find out. This does make the main event feel a pretty predictable match but hopefully Lorcan and Burch use the opportunity to shine.

Kacy Catanzaro defeats Xia Li in 2:44

  • Xia shows desperation throughout the entire match going for constant pinfalls.
  • Xia gets caught with creative offence from Kacy and loses her footing.
  • Kacy picks up the win via roll up in under 3 minutes.
  • Xia cements her heel turn attacking Kacy from behind after the bell, screaming it should have been me.
  • Raquel Gonzalez attacks Kacy, Xia and Kayden Carter after the match and warns Rhea this is what is to come.

Analysis: Xia’s devolution is interesting and i am excited to see the pay off as we move forward. It felt wasted to use this segment to put over Raquel ahead of next week but it was nice to hear her speak more and she delivered well.

Cameron Grimes vs Dexter Lumis in a Haunted House of Terrors Match Announced for Halloween Havoc.

Analysis: I have not enjoyed Lumis’ overexpose in ring as of late so this is exactly what was needed. The segment utilised his skills in non verbal acting with his cameo from the mirror, the match next week should be a fun bit of chaos on a show designed to be just that. Very excited.

Timothy Thatcher presents a live edition of Thatch-as-Thatch-can class.

  • Thatcher repeatedly gets trainee’s name wrong each time it is used.
  • He then walks through a submission, showing the audience how to do it successfully.
  • Anthony (trainee) taps however Thatcher keeps the submission in and then wretches it further back.
  • The trainee angered at Thatchers refusal to release the submission attacks him from behind, in relation Thatcher beats down the trainee and brings out a referee to count a 3-fall.
  • Trainee is Anthony Greene.

Analysis: Can Timothy Thatcher please do something new, this technically was a change to the usual format however it followed the same pattern as we have seen from Thatcher since his debut. Haze a trainee and then beat them up, it has become redundant at this point. Thatcher is a world class wrestler, just let him wrestler and move away from this stale gimmick.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch defeat Breezango via Pinfall, to win the NXT Tag Team Championships in 12:52.

  • Lorcan and Burch awarded the title shot as a result of Undisputed Era’s mysterious attacks throughout the show.
  • The match sways early on with both teams taking turns in control.
  • Burch sells a injured leg early on into the match, selling the knee in particular.
  • Breeze takes a big spill over the barricades to leave Fandango alone against the challengers.
  • Fandango hits The Last Dance from a near-fall.
  • Lorcan and Burch lock Breeze in stereo submissions before Fandango makes the save.
  • Tyler Breeze targets Burch’s weakened knee to regain control.
  • Fandango attacked by a steel mask wearing man.
  • Burch hits a low blow on Breeze for the win.
  • The masked man is revealed to be none other than Pat McAfee

Analysis: Overall, a fun main event that showed that although the NXT Tag Division is shallow in numbers it is high in quality. Breezango showed that they are truly capable of leaving the gimmick behind when the bell rings. The heel turn from Lorcan and Burch is exactly what they have needed to be a more than just another team and if the alignment with Pat McAfee is permanent then that is even better because he has exactly what they need, charisma for days!

A great main-event that ended a story arch from throughout the show, i feel like this was maybe meant to lead originally to Undisputed Era vs Lorcan, Burch, Holland and McAfee at WarGames.

Overall, i thought this was an excellent episode of NXT! Stories developed and new stories emerged. The underlying story of Undisputed Era being mysteriously attacked was great TV and the switch up in the main event lead to a fun match featuring Lorcan and Burch and a shock title change. The 6-man-tag was the match of the night by far and it was great to see NXT put on a genuinely top tier match on TV using mid card talent. The Gargano segment was fantastic and Johnny and Candice continue to be a highlight of NXT each week, call it a brave prediction but i see the two of them emerging victorious next week at Halloween Havoc.

The main event was a spectacular reveal to the nights on going story, Lorcan and Burch now feel fresh, revitalised and intresting again which is fantastic. If Pat is sticking around, specifically as a mouth piece for Lorcan and Burch against the Undisputed Era then that is even better! This episode of NXT felt like a perfectly built episode of a TV show as opposed to being just a wrestling show and that is a big compliment.

Only real negatives for me where the Timothy Thatcher segment and the inclusion of another Austin Theory match. Both suffer from the same issue of being over exposed and non progressive, we did see some evolution in Theory with him quitting after his sequential losses. If this story leads somewhere it could become entertaining but for now Thatcher and Theory are pretty avoidable segments every week.

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