NXT Results – November 25, 2020

WWE NXT Results

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Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE NXT results, as the show’s 431st episode emanates from The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida and features the return of former NXT Champion,Kevin Owens, to NXT.

Already announced for tonight’s show:

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Candice LeRae (w/Indi Hartwell) defeats Ember Moon via pinfall in 12:15, Toni Storm turns heel.

  • Indi attempts to get in Ember’s face before the bell, gets a stiff right for her troubles.
  • Both Hartwell and LeRae get a face-full of announce table, courtesy of a wheelbarrow face buster from Moon.
  • A seesaw pinfall sequence from both performers gives us a series of near-falls early on.
  • KO notes the improvements to The Shenom’s strikes since her time with him on RAW/SmackDown.
  • Ember Moon uses a very unique twisting transition to sequence into an exploder suplex.
  • As ‘The War Goddess’ gains control Raquel and Dakota Kai make their way down the entrance ramp.
  • LeRae locks in the Gargano Escape in an attempt to finish the match early.
  • Commentary announce the Rhea Ripley is going to discuss her future later tonight.
  • Ember sets up for the Eclipse, however, Indi sacrifices herself for her mentor and takes the attack instead.
  • The distraction allows LeRae to connect with a Wicked Step-Sister to pick up the win.
  • Toni Storm comes down to save Ember Moon from a 4-1 beat down but as Ember turns her back to fight with her, Toni turns heel and attacks Ember before feeding her to LeRae.

Analysis: Finally, Toni Storm has been given the edge she has needed since losing the NXT UK Championship. When both her and Ember returned at TakeOver I had speculated that it was only natural for one to take on the heel role as the balance was needed within the division. I am delighted that it is Toni as ‘Toni Time’ rocker had began to get bland and she is capable of so much more, hopefully this is a full repackaging including a much needed refresh in ring gear and promo style. The match its self was solid, nothing overly exciting but the story told and the purpose of it was achieved well. Candice LeRae will go down as one of NXT’s greatest ever female performers and she needs to win the belt before it is too late.

The Undisputed Era announce Kyle O’Reilly will take on Pete Dunne.

  • A clip from The Pat McAfee Show is played, showing Pat stating he won’t be there because he doesn’t need to be and instead Pete Dunne will beat down some guy from The Undisputed Era and win the advantage at WarGames.
  • Cole runs down each member of ‘The Kings of NXT’ and as he goes to announce Dunne’s opponent O’Reilly steps in and demands to face Dunne.
  • The former NXT Champion announces that he loves this new pissed off Kyle O’Reilly and he would love to see Kyle kick the hell out of Pete Dunne for what he did at TakeOver.

Analysis: A very sensible opponent choice, not only does it make sense in terms of storyline but also Kyle O’Reilly vs Pete Dunne is a incredibly exciting match on paper and probably the freshest match out of the options.

Candice LeRae, Raquel Gonzalez, Dakota Kai & Toni Storm announced as a team for NXT TakeOver WarGames.

  • Candice ensures her and Dakota are on the same page referring back to Dakota’s actions last year.
  • Toni states that she did warn us we were going to see a whole new Toni Storm.

Analysis: This team is the perfect combination of established main event talent and talent on the cusp of the main event picture. The swerve of Toni Storm is great and will also add a layer to the Candice and Indi story as I assume Indi will be angered that her mentor has overlooked her for the team. The face team for WarGames is where it gets really interesting, Ember and Shotzi are a dead cert but the other two are up in the air completely, I will put my bet on Rhea and Mercedes Martinez.

Kushida defeats Timothy Thatcher via submission in 14:22

  • Ciampa comes down to the ramp with a Steel Chair, only to take a seat and watch the match in action.
  • Wrestling purist match, lots of grapple exchanges and methodical working over of individual body parts/joints.
  • Thatcher locks Kushida in a Boston Crab over the ropes to work on the lower body of the explosive Time Splitter.
  • As mentioned in last weeks NXT Results, Kevin Owens discusses Thatcher and Kushida’s mirrored career paths and training history.
  • The second peak of the match takes the form of a striking contest between Kushida and Thatcher, that the Professor of Thatch-as-Thatch-Can come out on top off.
  • The former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion counters a guillotine choke from Thatcher into a series of head stomps before transitioning into a Hoverboard Lock attempt.
  • Kushida uses Thatchers own momentum to work out of a Kimura attempt into one of his own.
  • Despite attempts from The Time Splitter to hyper-extend the elbow of Thatcher, the former Evolve Champion is able to wrench in a choke hold.
  • Thatcher bleeds from the nose and mouth following a bump to the outside in front of Ciampa.
  • As Thatcher regains control, Ciampa provides the distraction to allow Kushida to maneuverer into The Hoverboard Lock forcing Thatcher to tap out.
  • Ciampa speaks down the camera stating “Maybe he has a problem with me now”.

Analysis: The rise of Kushida continues in NXT, another fantastic performance from The Time Splitter. This match was also a great example of what Thatcher can do when he is allowed to do what he does best and not get buried under silly gimmick segments and jobber matches. Kushida must be the #1 contender for Balor’s and the NXT Championship. As for Ciampa and Thatcher, this was a move in the right direction for the feud and I am optimistic that this can bring the best out of both competitors.

The KO Show with North American Champion, Leon Ruff.

  • Kevin stars the show by saying he loves NXT and whenever they ask him to come on the show, he will be there.
  • The Prize Fighter continues, saying he is inspired by Ruff and wants to give him the chance to tell his story.
  • As Ruff tells his story, Owens responds and all what he is saying is positive it is delivered with a very NXT Owens twist making it feel like he is one mistimed comment away from laying out Ruff.
  • The SmackDown Superstar riles up Ruff and he mentions Gargano.
  • KO makes a very on the nose comment, stating that anytime you say someones name on a WWE TalkShow they will come out.
  • Gargano then mentions Priest, prompting him to come out and join the KO Show as well.
  • The former North American Champion refers to Ruff as a joke before shoving him across the ring.
  • Priest then recalls Ruff’s comments about defending the title against north of them, prompting KO to call out NXT’s Teddy Long to make it official.
  • Regal comes out and announces Ruff vs Priest vs Gargano at TakeOver:War Games…’playa’.

Analysis: This was a fantastic segment start to finish. Kevin Owens was hilarious throughout with his fourth-wall breaking satirical references. The other segment superstars reacted perfectly and each one was incredibly comfortable on the microphone, Regal doing a Teddy Long impression was a fantastic way to wrap up the segment. On a more specific note, Ruff oozes charisma. Since his emergence three weeks ago he has gone from strength to strength and every time he is given a longer match, a longer promo or a higher placed segment, he delivers. I hope that NXT remain brave and invest in Ruff with him picking up the win at TakeOver.

Cameron Grimes defeats Jake Atlas via pinfall in 3:01.

  • Atlas receives no entrance, as we instead get a hype video for WarGames featuring the fantastic theme for the show; Black Sabbath’s War Pigs.
  • Grimes dominates early on with Atlas not able to get any real offence in at all.
  • ‘The Caveman’ hits the Cave-In in under three minutes to pick up the win.
  • As Grimes celebrates, Lumis appears and points to a video on the titantron.
  • The video is a mixture of animation and clips from the House of Terror’s match.
  • Lumis pulls out a strap, signalling the intention for a Strap Match between the two.
  • The segment ends with a slow zoom in on Lumis’ stare.
  • Dexter Lumis vs Cameron Grimes in a Strap Match is announced for NXT TakeOver: WarGames

Analysis: Lumis and Grimes are at an interesting point in their feud, from a comedic perspective I am all for more. However, the thought of a long, slow Strap Match between the two gets me nervous. Lumis does not look great in longer matches and it often reveals the limitations of the character from an in ring POV. If the match is presented as a comedic run and chase style segment, with Grimes using his talents in comedy to try and avoid a beating then I am all for it. If it is a serious drawn out affair, then no thank you. Either way I feel like this needs to be the final chapter in the story between the two.

Rhea Ripley addresses her future, Shirai is attacked.

  • Ripley has clearly read last weeks NXT Results here on ITRWrestling as she states people are speculating about her future.
  • She says the hug last week was simply a sign of respect and not a send off in the slightest.
  • ‘The Nightmare’ continues saying that she is here to stay, before Toni Storm and Candice LeRae interrupt.
  • As Candice talks down Rhea, Raquel and Dakota emerge with an unconscious Io Shirai.
  • They storm the ring surrounding Rhea who attempts to take them all on.
  • The heel WarGames team work over the injured shoulder joints of Ripley as Shirai remains unconscious on the ring ramp.
  • I guess we have our two WarGames teams as it looks set for Io,Rhea,Shotzi and Ember to join forces to take on Team LeRae.
  • As The Gargano’s leave the arena, they are shown being driven by another GhostFace [not Indi who is in the backseat]

Analysis: In principle this segment was good, it furthered several story lines that over lap and set up for the next PPV. However, I find Io’s inclusion in this story somewhat an issue. The primary criticism of WarGames is that it totally derails NXT’s natural story telling, and in response to this NXT has put their Women’s Champion into the WarGames match and their NXT Champion is still not announced as even on this weeks show two weeks before the PPV. The eight women involved in the WarGames match are all immensely talented and It could be the best WarGames yet, however it does still feel like a complete stall in NXT’s natural story telling. The added mystery of another Ghost Face is great and I can only imagine this is where we introduce Austin Theory as Gargano’s under study.

Xia Li and Boa are taken to a undisclosed area.

  • As we return from an Ad-break, Xia and Li are shown in a cinematically shot car ride on their way to visit their mater.
  • As they arrive they beg for forgiveness for their defeats and dishonour, their master a female does not speak but instead marks their hands with a cross.
  • The segment ends with Xia and Boa looking close to death.

Analysis: As states in last weeks NXT Results, I can’t really analyse this until we know what is going on. But for now just now I am enjoying the slow reveal to who or what is the force. I do not know if the mysterious ‘she’ is going to be a wrestler or a being but either way I am invested and want to find out through the story and not insider information, and feeling like that is rare in modern wrestling. Some speculation online that Meiko Satomura is the master, however Karen Q returned from Injury last month which is more likely given the placement of the story.

The Grizzled Young Veterans return to NXT.

  • Ever-Rise are set for tag-team action.
  • They are jumped from behind by the returning Grizzled Young Veterans.
  • Gibson speaks on the microphone stating that they are back and they are soon, to be recognised as the best tag team in NXT.

Analysis: A fantastic addition/return to the NXT Tag Team Division, Gibson is arguably the best on the mic in that division and James Drake is criminally underrated in the ring. I could picture these two entering a programme with Breezango or Killian and Maverick, taking issue with their comedic activities. In the last October NXT Results article it was mentioned that Ever-Rise appear to be progressing past the role of enhancement talent, hopefully they get a full match with GYV and can get some offence in next week.

Pete Dunne defeats Kyle O’Reilly to win the advantage for The Kings of NXT at War Games.

  • We start off exactly how you would imagine O’Reilly vs Dunne would start, stiff strikes and hard hitting offence.
  • Dunne attempts a Xplex onto the ladder, only to receive a STO onto the outside for his troubles.
  • A nasty landing occurs as Dunne shoves O’Reilly of the ladder, which then falls directly onto his ribs.
  • The former NXT UK Champion works over the 2019 Super Strong Style 16 competitors wrist and fingers.
  • Kyle shows he can get nasty as well, working on Dunne’s knee utilising the ladder to damage the knee joint.
  • O’Reilly takes a beating throughout, a Powerbomb onto the ladder and a diving knee strike onto his repair knee.,
  • In last weeks NXT Results I mentioned how Dunne could ascend to main event status in NXT as part of the The Kings of NXT and tonight has been a further glimpse of this.
  • The former ReDragon member and Dunne fight a top the ladder, damaging the digits of Dunne, O’Reilly is able to take them both off the ladder for a big double down.
  • Both teams are shown watching on in cherry picker crane platforms.
  • We get a glimpse of Dunne’s new ruthlessness as he brutalises O’Reilly with a chair before hitting the Bitter End onto the barricade.
  • Dunne ascends the ladder however O’Reilly tips the ladder spilling Dunne onto a ladder in the ringside area.
  • A masked figure appears and tips the ladder onto the outside with Kyle on it as Owens expresses concern.
  • Pete Dunne climbs the ladder to pick up the win and the advantage.

Analysis: This match was incredible, a proper hard hitting main event. I would happily watch Dunne and O’Reilly wrestle for hours on end, and the ladder stipulation just gave them the freedom to get creative. NXT seem to love a mystery man at the moment and I am invested in all of them. It is very possible this was just Pat [especially given a recent tweet in which he insists ‘the freak athlete’ wasn’t him] but I would love a reveal of Tyler Bate or someone else from Dunne’s past in NXT UK.

Another week of NXT Results here on ITRWrestling in the bag, and another top notch episode of NXT.

A few areas that could do with improvement such as the Lumis and Grimes storyline seeming to drag on a bit to long and the derailment of natural storylines/title progression that comes with WarGames.

However, the majority of the segments on the show and 3/4 of the matches were must watch. In particular the Leon Ruff/KO Show segment and the Thatcher/Kushida and O’Reilly vs Dunne matches are fantastic viewing.

We have so many mysterious in NXT right now and it makes week-to-week a real treat as there is always something evolving or being revealed.

Finally, William Regal did a Teddy Long impersonation whilst Gargano, Priest, Ruff and Owens corpsed in-ring. What a show.

ITRWrestling will be back again next week for another week of NXT Results, however, until then make sure to check out our upcoming Friday Night SmackDown results article. Plus, if you haven’t already head over and read out full results and analysis of tonight’s AEW Dynamite show featuring Hikarua Shida vs Anna Jay.

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