NXT Results – October 14th, 2020

NXT Live Results- October 14th, 2020

Results will be updated live as they occur, so check back throughout the show!

Emanating live from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida, WWE NXT #425 will feature three recently returning NXT Superstars in action, as Toni Storm, Dexter Lumis and Ember Moon are all set to appear on tonight’s show.

Already announced for tonight’s show is:

The Undisputed Era defeat Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch via Pinfall in 13:31

  • Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong are accompanied to the ring by Kyle O’Reilly who confirms he will be cleared next week, however, Adam Cole’s future is less certain.
  • Adam Cole was noticeably missing from the Undisputed Era during this segment, with Kyle acting as the leader of the faction during the pre-fight promo segment.
  • The commentary discusses the mystery of who compensated Ridge Holland for attacking Adam Cole at TakeOver 31.
  • Lorcan and Burch focused on isolating Fish from his partner, targeting the back, to remove the power from Fish’s strikes.
  • Lorcan and Burch get a strong near fall after they hit Strong with the assisted DDT.
  • Strong pins Lorcan with the same jumping knee strike that broke the STARDESTROYER’S orbital bone back in 2018.

Analysis: A lot to breakdown within this segment, firstly, the absence of Adam Cole at ringside during the match. Since Cole’s loss to Balor and victory of Pat McAfee, there has been a shift in the hierarchy of the UE. It no longer appears to be Cole above all and instead, Kyle O’Reilly has begun to rise as a new leader within the Undisputed Era. The match itself was fairly enjoyable, slow and methodical to start with, before really picking up in the closing moments. A clean victory for UE suits their increasingly face characters, however, I am not overly excited for -what feels like- UE vs Breezango for the 100th time. The NXT tag division is the exact opposite of the women’s division, it has no depth at all, with really only four active teams at current. I hope we see the addition of new teams moving forward.

Update on Finn Balor’s Injuries

  • NXT confirm that Balor required surgery following injuries sustained during the main event of NXT TakeOver 31.
  • It is stated that although Balor’s surgery was successful, the injuries still appear worse than originally feared.
  • Regarding the status of the NXT Champion, Regal states that NXT authorities are holding off on making any decisions for a couple of weeks until more information on the severity of Balor’s injuries is available.

Analysis: NXT are desperate not to vacate the NXT Championship again so quickly after Kross, and quite rightly so. Kross and Balor both received massive pushes before their respective title wins. Hopefully, Balor can recover because NXT cannot afford another change in direction this quickly after the last.

Ember Moon discusses her return to NXT

  • Ember discusses 2019, referring to it as the worst year of her life.
  • She continues to say that she knew as soon as she was cleared that she wanted to come home to NXT.
  • Ember states that she knows she cannot rely on what she was to get to the top of an incredible NXT Women’s and thus will go through everyone to get there.
  • Name drops Shotzi, Lacey Lane and Rhea Ripley as potential opponents.

Analysis: Ember’s new demeanour is incredible, she is confident but respectful and the matches she discussed all have the potential to be incredible. Ember elevates that division on name value alone, and I for one cannot wait to see Ember vs pretty much everyone.

Jake Atlas defeats Ashante Adonis via Pinfall in 2:12.

  • Adonis and Atlas exchange a short, fast-paced sequence of moves whilst trying to one-up each other.
  • Before the match can get into full swing Legado Del Fantasma appear at ringside to distract Adonis.
  • Atlas takes advantage of the distraction picking up the win via roll-up.
  • LDF pull Adonis out the ring and begin to beat him down at ringside before a big suicide dive from Atlas makes the save.
  • Escobar comes down to ringside to join LDF and regain the numbers advantage before they can take advantage Swerve Scott comes down with a chair to chase the Cruiserweight Champion and his stablemates away.

Analysis: This feels like it is building to Atlas joining LDF, his change in character since Ciampa brutalised him (over a month ago) has seen Atlas slowly implement typically heel tactics into his matches. The match itself started entertaining but was abruptly ended, I would have preferred to see the match go a bit longer to give both of these relatively unproven (at least within NXT) Superstars more of a chance to shine. Swerve coming down to make this save is an interesting choice as it suggests that Escobar will continue to feud with the man he has now defeated twice for the Cruiserweight Title. This segment will almost certainly lead to a 6 man tag match next week or at Halloween Havoc.

Johnny Gargano defeats Austin Theory via Pinfall in 10:51

  • Immediately before this match Gargano and LeRae spoke regarding both of their matches tonight on NXT.
  • Gargano questioned the decision to award Lumis a title shot when “All he has done recently, is kidnap a man”.
  • Both express confidence at leaving victorious tonight because of ‘The Gargano Way’.
  • The match itself starts strong, lots of verbal character work between the two incredibly confident performers. Theory is very similar to Gargano at current and therefore, it makes perfect sense to pair the two up.
  • Theory is unable to hit the ATL and after trying one too many times Gargano can escape and hit the ‘One Last Beat’ for the victory.

Analysis: This has been Theory’s best match since returning to NXT, he looked on par with Johnny Gargano, which considering he is a Triple Crown Champion in NXT, is a massive achievement. Theory hits Gargano with an incredible rolling dropkick that goes chest-to-head, however, Gargano then responds with an equally incredible Slingshot Spear. Gargano winning makes sense, Theory was elevated without taking away from Gargano who should be challenging much higher up in the card. If Candice is going to take Indi Hartwell under her wing (as was teased last week) then I am all for Gargano and Theory teaming in a mentor and student relationship.

Raquel Gonzalez and Rhea Ripley set to face off at Halloween Havoc.

  • As Raquel is challenging Rhea to a fight at Halloween Havoc, Ripley appears from off-screen.
  • Rhea attempts to attack Gonzalez, however, before anything can come of the segment referees get involved and separate the two dominant forces of NXT.

Analysis: A short segment but an effective one. Ripley and Gonzalez have plenty of history to build upon at this point and with the rumour of a Ripley call up circulating Halloween Havoc could be the perfect moment for The Nightmare to put over NXT’s new monster.

Candice Le Rae defeats Shotzi Blackheart via Pinfall in 14:44

  • The commentary uses the early parts of the match to discuss both competitors recent losses to NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai.
  • Le Rae works to ground the high-risk style of The Ballsy Badass Shotzi Blackheart.
  • The match is constructed as a clash of experience vs passion, with Candice able to keep control early on through superior ring IQ.
  • Wade Barrett refers to Shotzi as ‘The Weirdo’ throughout the match, here is hoping that is just fun character work from Barrett and not a new nickname for Shotzi.
  • Candice shows off her incredible aerial ability with a beautiful Springboard Moonsault.
  • Shotzi gets a near fall with a modified cattle mutilation which looked vicious.
  • Candice is handed a foreign object (Brass Knucks) by Indi Hartwell.
  • Candice picks up the win via knockout punch in 14 minutes.

Analysis: This was excellent, not only was the in-ring action fluid and fast-paced throughout but it also had so many layers of storytelling intertwined throughout. The commentary did an excellent job talking about what both competitors had over the other, citing intensity and power for Shotzi. The Indi addition to Candice’s character is interesting and could do wonders for the young up and comer in Hartwell. Io vs Candice one last time has the potential to be magic especially on a special show like Halloween Havoc.

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain have a marketing meeting

  • Maverick states that he is taking the tag team with Dain very seriously and therefore, he has some marketing and branding suggestions.
  • Maverick shows off some hilariously dreadful merchandise and pitches the tag team name “The Fury and The Furry”
  • Killian Dain remains deadpan through only reacting to an offensive drawing of himself that Maverick had commissioned.
  • Maverick reveals that they have a match with Imperium tonight.

Analysis: I owe Killian Dain and Drake Maverick an apology, I initially stated that this partnership should not be happening and that I had no interest in it. Now, Now I am all in for this team. The sheer contrast between Mavericks energy and Dain’s apparent lack of interest works perfectly. With a creative individual like Maverick involved the possibilities are limitless.

Toni Storm defeats Aliyah via Pinfall in 2:12

  • Toni came out with a new entrance and ring gear including a cinematic camera angle.
  • Robert Stone cuts a quick pre-match promo stating a need to remind people why the RBS is the place to be in NXT.
  • Aliyah get’s some offence in before being handily put away with Storm Zero.

Analysis: It’s great to see Toni back and a short match to reintroduce her to fans was a sensible and well thought out choice. However, and this pains me to say, NXT has really dropped the ball with The Robert Stone Brand. Only 6 weeks ago Aliyah and Mercedes Martinez featured on the show every week crossing the lines of serious and comedy. Now Mercedes I nowhere to be seen on any brand and Aliyah is rarely on the show and when she is, it’s for a brief moment. The Robert Stone Brand has had so many missed opportunities thus far and it can all be traced back to when Rhea handily defeated Aliyah and Stone and did not join the brand. Hopefully, NXT can see what they have in Stone and do something with them as soon as possible, before it is too late.

William Regal is interrupted backstage by Xia Li

  • William Regal is asked backstage what he thinks of the ending to Candice vs Shotzi. Regal states although he is disappointed in Candice, the referee’s decision is final and Io and Candice will clash at Halloween Havoc.
  • Regal then states he is considering adding a stipulation to that match he just doesn’t know what yet.
  • Regal then makes the match between Ripley and Gonzalez official for Halloween Havoc.
  • Before the segment ends Xia Li and Boa appear, politely asking Regal for a match next week with a tone of desperation.
  • Regal states he will consider it, before retreating to his office.

Analysis: The prospect of a stipulation being added to Candice vs Io is exciting, my initial thoughts are a ladder match which could be excellent. However, regardless of the stipulation the chemistry and story between Io and Candice will elevate the match to top tier status. Regarding Xia Li and Boa, it is interesting for sure. Nobody knows what to expect from this story-line or Xia herself which makes this refreshing, I thought Xia conveyed several layers of emotion effectively in a short speaking segment which takes lots of skill. The only real criticism I have with this segment is that I am very confused by the alignment of Boa and Xia Li, Xia has been turning heel recently, however, this very much appeared a face promo. I guess only time will tell.

Imperium defeat The Fury and The Furry via Pinfall in 3:44

  • The focus of the match is two-fold, firstly the internal conflict between the over-eager Maverick and the unenthusiastic Dain. Secondarily, there is the culture clash between the purists in Imperium and the comedic tag duo of Maverick and Dain.
  • The match itself is uneventful with Imperium pinning Maverick in under four minutes whilst Dain was down on the outside.
  • Post-match Ever-Rise comes out to beat down Maverick as revenge for embarrassing them last week.
  • Dain makes the save, beating down Ever-Rise before telling Maverick “Nobody hits you but me”.

Analysis: This was fine, the evolution of Dain’s relationship with Maverick was a nice moment and Imperium get a quick win to remind us they are challengers. I am not sure however that it needed a full second segment, this could have easily been a backstage segment attached to the earlier promo and with the time saved, we could have let Adonis and Atlas get rolling a bit more. Regarding Imperium, I am a little bit bored at the moment. They are missing 50% of the faction in Walter and Wolfe, however, at TakeOver 31 Aichner and Barthel were sat beside Timothy Thatcher and it the addition of Thatcher to Imperium could be exactly what it needs to refresh it.

Damien Priest defeats Dexter Lumis via Pinfall, Retaining the NXT North American Championship, in 12:18

  • Damien Priest uses his range advantage early on to control Lumis, whilst targeting the injured ankle.
  • Lumis eventually regains control via a beautiful Lou Thesz Press.
  • Priest nearly taps to the Kata Gatame before making the rope break.
  • As Lumis rests on the apron, Grimes hits him with the Cave In out of nowhere.
  • Priest (Unaware of Grimes involvement) capitalises to pick up the win.
  • As Priest makes his way up the ramp to celebrate he is attacked from behind with a steel chair by Johnny Gargano and Candice Le Rae.
  • Regal comes out and calls out the actions of The Garganos before confirming at Halloween Havoc, Johnny and Candice will get rematches from TakeOver 31.
  • But there is one last twist, the stipulation will be decided by Shotzi Blackheart’s Spin the Wheel and Make a Deal game.

Analysis: Firstly, I am not sure Lumis is good enough in-ring to justify his prominence on NXT week to week. His matches feel very repetitive and similar and outside of the odd athletic spot, his matches are fairly slow and bland. Priest retaining is the correct decision, for now, however, I still feel I need to see a little bit more from NXT’s Rockstar to justify holding the North American Championship. Grimes is the most interesting element to this story at current, but even that is not enough at current to entice me to want to watch him vs Lumis that will inevitably happen sometime soon.

The (admittedly convoluted) Gargano post-match angle is interesting and unique, something this feud has called out for recently. Shotzi’s promo delivery was questionable but I always find that the uncomfortable delivery often suits Blackheart’s character perfectly.
Gargano and Priest should get fun over the top gimmick match to suit the Halloween Havoc show, something like the Boiler Room Brawl! However, LeRae vs Shiari should remain a serious match and the stipulation should reflect the importance and history of their feud.

That wraps up another week of WWE NXT: Overall, the show was fine. There were some enjoyable high points, mainly Candice vs Shotzi and Gargano vs Theory, but there was a lot of filler in between that just didn’t do anything for me. The Adonis vs Atlas match could have done with the four or so minutes that Imperium vs The Fury and The Furry took up in their second segment of the night. Additionally, Toni Storm’s return felt a little bit flat, although a lot of returns do at the moment mainly due to the lack of fans in attendance.

Special shout out to Xia Li and Boa for continuing to increase my interest in their new story week-to-week and I look forward to seeing if Regal grants them their request or not.

On a night where AEW appears to have under-delivered, NXT has done a solid job of putting on a mostly enjoyable show without wasting any huge matches on what will be a predictably low rated show (in regards to live viewership) due to the pre-hyped significance of AEW’s show.

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