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Backstage NXT Belief Reportedly That Johnny Gargano & Kyle O’Reilly Will Re-Sign

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A new report has sought to shed light on the futures of Kyle O’Reilly and Johnny Gargano and says those within NXT believe the duo will return.

NXT has seen a lot of upheaval in its ranks since the revamped NXT 2.0 replaced the original incarnation of the black and gold brand in September. Already former NXT Champion Adam Cole and former NXT Tag Team Champion Bobby Fish have made their way to AEW following their own WWE departures.

While Cole’s time came to an end in the company following the expiration of his contract, Fish had been a part of a round of roster cuts that have plagued the WWE roster in 2021.

At NXT WarGames Kyle O’Reilly and Johnny Gargano were both in action with Gargano reportedly having signed a week’s extension to his deal in order to take part in the event. Both men were ultimately unsuccessful with O’Reilly and Von Wagner failing to capture the NXT Tag Team Championship from Imperium and Gargano’s Team Black and Gold falling to Team 2.0 in WarGames.

Following that the duo appeared to be saying their farewells after the subsequent edition of NXT 2.0 with Gargano and O’Reilly part of a “curtain call” after the show went off the air.

Now, however, Dave Meltzer has reported in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there is still a prevailing belief within WWE that the two men will return to the revamped NXT 2.0 brand:

“Those at NXT are under the impression both will be back. But the reality is, both have new deals on the table, and neither signed them. Both could have signed and asked for time off. They wouldn’t have to not sign.”

It was also noted by Meltzer that the two men are set to be having children in the early part of 2022 so the belief is that rather than rush into a new company like Cole they will instead be taking some time off wrestling altogether:

Both men are having new children in early 2022 and WWE is under the impression both are taking time off. Both were given offers for new deals by WWE and neither signed the deal, although Gargano’s deal, which expired two days before the show, signed a one-week extension. Gargano will be a free agent on 12/11 and then legally able to listen to and accept offers.

From a legal standpoint, he could start work anywhere right after, although the indication is that he’s likely going to wait for his wife, Candice LeRae, to give birth, with the expected date being in February before he returns to the ring.