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“NXT Is Main Roster. End Of Story” – Adam Cole

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Leader of The Undisputed ERA, Adam Cole, has declared that NXT is, without a doubt, part of WWE’s main roster.

Since it’s inception as a proper brand in 2012, WWE’s black and gold show has been the apple of many fan’s eyes. Exciting action, fresh stars and free of the main roster booking which had undoubtedly not sat well with some, the brand was a breath of fresh air.

During it’s lifetime, WWE’s third brand has created many roster stars including Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Charlotte Flair and Big E to name only a few and has even been expanded on with the creation of NXT UK and the incoming NXT India. Triple H, head of the once looked-upon developmental programme, has stated his intent to roll the name out worldwide.

However, there has always been a debate about whether NXT is just the minor leagues and a breeding ground for main roster shows Raw and SmackDown to pick and choose from or a legitimate brand which stands alongside its red and blue siblings. Now, former NXT Champion Adam Cole seems to have answered that query.

Replying to a fan on social media who opined that Adam Cole could advance to the main roster in 2021, the marvel responded:

“”@WWENXT is main roster. No debate. End of story. #UndisputedERA has run @WWENXT since we’ve arrived…2021 will be no different. Enjoy the ride boys & girls. @KORcombat @roderickstrong @theBobbyFish.”

While Undisputed ERA have run rampant on the brand since their debut, recently the group have taken a step backwards allowing the likes of NXT Champion, Finn Balor, and Pete Dunne to take centre stage.

While many have called for their promotion to Monday or Friday, Cole’s words seem to point to the fact that the faction are on Wednesdays to stay for the foreseeable future.