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NXT Championship Match Set For NXT: In Your House

Bron Breakker Joe Gacy NXT Championship

Bron Breakker will once again defend his NXT Championship against Joe Gacy at NXT: In Your House, but with an added stipulation!

Joe Gacy ignited tension between himself and the NXT Champion back in April when he kidnapped Bron Breakker’s father Rick Steiner. Though he released Steiner the next week, he kept ahold of his WWE Hall of Fame ring and proceeded to throw it in a fire. The ring survived, and the next week on NXT 2.0, Bron Breakker went on a quest to locate Gacy in the NXT Arena.

When the two men finally came face to face, Gacy said that the second generation wrestler could have the Hall of Fame ring back if he agreed to a championship match at NXT Spring Breakin‘. Bron Breakker agreed, but was pushed off the stage where the two men stood in what Gacy called a “leap of faith.” Druids enveloped the champion, and Gacy has been accompanied by druids on television ever since.

The champion retained his title at NXT Spring Breakin’, but was once again attacked by druids and taken out of the arena by Gacy’s henchmen on a stretcher.

Fast forward to the May 17th episode of NXT, and an enraged Breakker called out Gacy once again. Gacy appeared on the same stage he’d pushed Bron off of, and demanded that Breakker agree to face him once again for the NXT Championship. Breakker quickly agreed, but Gacy had a stipulation in mind: he said that Bron is known for losing his temper, and that if that happens in their match at NXT: In Your House, he will be able to lose the title by disqualification.

Despite the added stipulation, Breakker wants to get his hands on his father’s kidnapper and agreed to the match.

Later in the episode, the champion was asked if he’s playing into Gacy’s hands. Breakker said that as long as he has his championship, Gacy can’t do a thing, but he was interrupted by Duke Hudson, who’d been interrupted by the champion during a promo earlier in the night. Duke Hudson and Bron Breakker agreed to have a match on next week’s episode of NXT 2.0.

Full results from the May 17th episode of NXT 2.0 can be found here.