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NXT 2.0 Stars Win NXT UK Tag Gold


An injury forced them to be vacated and now, the NXT UK Tag Team Championships belong to NXT 2.0’s Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs!

Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter had only just captured the NXT UK Tag Team Championships from Moustache Mountain on NXT UK’s 2 June broadcast – though this was taped almost two months prior – but now, they’ve been forced to relinquish the championships.

The latest broadcast from BT Sport Studios opened with Smith and Carter announcing an injury to the former. Ashton Smith requires surgery for a ruptured medial cruciate ligament, meaning he and Oliver Carter can no longer serve NXT UK as defending champions.

In lieu of their scheduled defence against Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs from NXT 2.0, a four-team elimination bout was scheduled, featuring Jensen and Briggs, Mark Andrews and Wild Boar, Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz, and Die Familie’s Teoman and Rohan Raja. Ultimately, it would be the NXT 2.0 pairing capturing the titles.

This marks the first WWE championship victory for Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs. Brooks, the son of ex-WWE Superstar Bull Buchanan, debuted on the inaugural NXT 2.0 broadcast on 14 September. Briggs, meanwhile, had been an EVOLVE standout and debuted through the second Breakout Tournament.

With this, Brooks and Josh are the first NXT 2.0 Superstars to win championship gold in NXT UK. A plethora of ex-NXT UK champions have, however, made the transition to Orlando and even, in the case of the former WALTER and Pete Dunne, to the main roster.