NWA Powerrr Survey To ‘Gauge Interest’ In A Return

NWA Powerrr Thumb

With the return of NWA Powerrr not too far away according to owner Billy Corgan, the company have now reached out to their fan base via a survey to gauge the interest level in the promotion’s return.

Along with the survey came an email which read:

“The landscape of wrestling has changed over the past year for no fault of anyone’s. We are working and trying to determine the best way to bring back Powerrr. With the answers to these survey questions, we can begin planning even further. As always out end goal is to provide you the fan great quality entertainment while honoring the history and legacy of the NWA name.”

The survey questions mentioned in the accompanying email alluded to fans being able to mould the product once it goes in front of the cameras again, while the digital missive also mentioned that responses would help them to show potential sponsors both the NWA and professional wrestling is worth investing in.

The survey asked fans the standard questions such as age, gender and financial status before it delved deeper into fan behaviour an interest. Questions such as whether NWA devotees subscribed to the WWE Network or other wrestling streaming services, their level of NWA fandom, how likely they were to buy a pay-per-view and their interest in NWA merchandise.

The results from the survey and their effect on the programming once it returns remains to be seen.

Recently, both NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis and NWA owner, Billy Corgan, confirmed that the promotion would return.