“I’m Not Surprised” – Dawn Marie On Vince McMahon Allegations

Dawn Marie entrance

Former WWE Superstar Dawn Marie has claimed she isn’t surprised by the recent allegations made against Vince McMahon.

On July 22nd Vince McMahon retired from WWE, ending his four-decade long stranglehold on the sports entertainment giant. However, that was only part of the story.

McMahon had recently come under fire following a series of a serious allegations of sexual misconduct . The allegations include claims that McMahon made numerous payments of millions of dollars to former employees with whom he had sexual relationships. It has also been alleged that McMahon coerced one former wrestler into performing oral sex on him, before later demoting her and “buying” her silence.

It it was subsequently announced by WWE that they would be reissuing a number of financial statements due to a series of unrecorded payments by McMahon.

Dawn Marie took her first steps in the wrestling business in 1995 before a stint in ECW from 1998 until the company closed in 2001. After a short run on the independent scene the star arrived in WWE in 2002, remaining with the company for three years.

During this period she was involved in a highly controversial angle with Torrie Wilson and her father.

Speaking during a recent appearance on the Cafe de Rene podcast with Rene Dupree, the star said that she wasn’t surprised to hear of the allegations made against her former boss.

“It’s so funny. I’m not surprised. I used to say this, I’d be like ‘Why doesn’t anyone hit on me? What is wrong with me?’ You know, life would be a little easier if someone hit on me. He [I’m not sure who is referenced] goes ‘You’re smart. They don’t want to f*ck with you.’ I go oh, f*ck.

But I do know for a fact that sh*t had happened because there were a couple of young ladies, there was one that I know for a fact had come to me for advice. She was being approached very hard, and it was very uncomfortable. So I do know for a fact, she winded up leaving, it was one of those Diva Search girls. So I wasn’t surprised, you always hear about it.

I just said to Paul [London I think] recently ‘Paul come on! Now it’s everybody! Why not me?’ I’m making a joke about it but I don’t think it was right, I am making a big goofball about it. I’ve been in those situations, it wasn’t in wrestling but when I was in the entertainment business before it when I was an actress. Multiple times I was put in a very scary situation where you don’t know if you are getting out.

I had someone once, I was in Santa Barbara and I was in this guy’s house for 2 days, 3 days. He didn’t have me locked down but I had nobody out there. This was back when the Titanic was getting produced, it was a friend of a friend. I was working with an agent out here, he is dead, a long time ago, and he said ‘My friend in Santa Barbara…’ He vouched for me, I was young and I was stupid with my head in the clouds. I was young, it was my early 20s, and I flew out there to meet with him because I trusted my agent.

Meanwhile, I was supposed to be put up in a hotel for the Titanic that was being cast and all that. Well I get picked up at the airport and he [the friend of a friend] brings me to his house in Santa Barbara. I was there for about 3 days. I didn’t do anything with him, but he made it very clear that if I did… I make jokes, but it is not a nice place to be. I have experience and it is not nice. It is degrading, demoralising and makes you think why do I work so hard if that is what it is.”

WWE recently revealed that the investigation into Vince McMahon is “largely complete.”

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