“Not A High Level Of Confidence” Meeting Involving CM Punk And Chris Jericho Will Go Well

CM Punk and Chris Jericho

CM Punk is reportedly due to meet with Tony Khan and Chris Jericho in the near future, however, there are those who don’t see the meeting going well.

Punk has not been seen on AEW TV since All Out on September 4th. At the event, he won the AEW World Championship for the second time, but the real news came afterward. At the post-event media scrum, he verbally attacked Colt Cabana, Adam Page, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega.

Afterward, a brawl erupted backstage involving Punk and The Elite among others which resulted in all involved being suspended. While most have since returned to work, the situation around the Second City Saint was less clear.

In recent weeks, however, it has been reported that Punk will not only be back but will be the star attraction of a new weekly Saturday night show, AEW Collision, which is set to debut on June 17th in Chicago.

Many now believe Punk will engage in a program with Jericho on his return, but there isn’t much hope that the scheduled meeting between the two – which is said to also include FTR as a neutral party – will go well.

On the latest edition of the PWTorch radio show, Wade Keller said people he had spoken to think the meeting could even make things worse.

“Among the people I’ve talked to, there’s not a high level of confidence that the meeting is going to go well, that it could make things worse, but maybe not. Maybe things will work out.”

But people who have been around Punk, know Punk, know people who have known Punk for a very long time, are not optimistic that FTR mediating a meeting between Jericho and Punk is going to lead to progress.”

Keller went on to say that The Young Bucks’ animosity towards Punk won’t be going anywhere soon, especially in light of Brandon Cutler’s recent retweet accusing him of “gaslighting”.

The other thing is, is it just sounds by every indication [that] The Bucks, The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson’s heels are dug in. And I think the Brandon Cutler comment adds to it. I just don’t see those parties reconciling.”

The welcome mat “will not be rolled out” for CM Punk

Keller also believes there are other parties who won’t be rolling out the welcome mat for Punk, including those who would normally be seen as “neutral”.

“I think it’s well-known that he’s a draw. I also think it’s well-known that the welcome mat will not be rolled out for him in the locker room.

“The passion in that locker room against Punk in certain circles is unwavering. Punk has poured lighter fluid on that. Moxley and Brandon Cutler had been public.

“And there’s I think some people would surprise you in AEW, who would seem like neutral parties and all that who don’t want Punk back and they have reasons.”

H/T to WrestlingNews.co for the above transcription.