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“A Lot Of Nonsense” – William Regal Criticises ‘Styles’ In Wrestling

William Regal AEW

William Regal has given his take on the idea of different styles in wrestling and explains exactly why he thinks that notion is a lot of nonsense.

William Regal has travelled all over the world during his wrestling career, travelling throughout the UK and Europe before making his name in WCW in the early nineties. These days, the English star leads the Blackpool Combat Club in AEW, taking some of wrestling’s top stars and prospects under his wing.

Regal recently spoke on his Gentleman Villain podcast about his take on styles in pro wrestling and why to him, wresting is wrestling:

“Let’s get this styles thing out of the way, it’s a lot of nonsense. Wrestling is wrestling, it’s just dependent on how well you’ve been taught or where you’ve been. I’ve been all over the world before I got here. And I never had any problems wrestling people that had come into this job, either before or in the 80s.”

“[…] The only way to get into this job in the 80s, until the early 90s was to find a wrestler to bring you into the wrestling business. There was no such thing as wrestling schools, or they may have only been one or two. There was none in Britain, there was none in Britain until after I’d left Britain, you had to find a wrestler to bring you into this or a wrestling company.”

“If I was wrestling anyone who was from the 80s because don’t forget if you went from territory to territory in America, every place at a different bit of a different thing going on. Or you went to Japan, or you sometimes went to Europe, or there were Europeans coming into America to your territories, or you there were Japanese guys. So you have to just, the universal wrestling language of wrestling.”

William Regal then emphasised the difference in training between now and when he broke into the business, saying the advent of wrestling schools has changed things:

“If I turn your arm that way your body goes that way. If I put a headlock on, it affects this. And that was a common sense thing. In the early 90s, wrestling schools became a thing. So this is no knock on any wrestling school but you’re getting taught by somebody who teaches you in 12 weeks or whatever you get taught a somewhat whatever skill set they choose to teach you.”

“So you are more prone, or you continue to be trying to figure that out. Well, it was getting less and less, there was less and less territories where you would go and wrestle different people every night, and have to figure it out because it was a matter of survival. If you weren’t of a certain standard, you’d get fired. So you have to adapt, you have to learn to adapt, and you have to learn to react as well.”

William Regal’s Blackpool Combat Club could be on the hunt for new blood with AEW’s Wheeler Yuta saying that he wants Cesaro in the group.

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