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“None Of That Plan Exists. Everything Changed” – Triple H On Rhea Ripley

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Triple H, godfather of NXT, has spoken out about the change in plans for Rhea Ripley following WrestleMania 36 and defended his booking of the Australian sensation.

Following the loss of her NXT Women’s Championship to Charlotte Flair, ‘The Nightmare’ seemed to decline in both stature and confidence. Returning to the brand after several weeks away, Ripley was a shadow of her former self as she became embroiled in the title picture alongside Flair and Io Shirai.

After she failed to re-capture the gold at NXT TakeOver: In Your House this summer, Ripley seemed to drop down the pecking order even further, occupying her time with the likes of Raquel Gonzalez until something better came along.

Now, Triple H has spoken about his booking of the star during a media call and stated that one of his tope female performers is stronger for her struggle and why original plans changed:

“For me, that loss almost helps her as a character get to where she needs to be for the long-term arc of who she is. None of that plan exists….or was able….everything changed. I don’t think anybody in that moment could have predicted. You go back to March and it seems like, in some ways, forever ago. If anyone would have said in March, ‘In December, you’re still going to be in lockdown and [COVID] will ramp up again and be arguably worse.’ Everything is changing on a daily basis and it’s hard to plan for next week, let alone next year or next month.”

When quizzed about the huge impact on her confidence, something Rhea Ripley herself has commented on, Triple H stated that his belief was that in the long-term it was good for her: