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Noelle Foley Calls Out The Undertaker For HOF Speech

The Undertaker WWE Hall Of Fame

Noelle Foley – the daughter of WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley – has questioned The Undertaker failing to mention her father during his own Hall Of Fame speech.

The Undertaker put the seal on an iconic wrestling career as he took his rightful place in the WWE Hall Of Fame. For 30 years Mark Calaway portrayed the legendary Deadman, amassing titles and a WrestleMania Streak that is itself the stuff of legend.

The Undertaker spoke at length about his career and his life in the wrestling business in an all-time great Hall Of Fame speech. Throughout his appearance, The Undertaker was surrounded by 4 of his iconic coats and hats that gave him his unique look over the years, ending his speech with a tantalising parting shot of “never say never.”

Taking to social media Noelle Foley says she was surprised to not hear any mention of her father and The Undertaker’s great rival Mick Foley:

“That was a great speech, but I’m very surprised there was not one single mention of my dad and their legendary matches together.”

“Obviously I understand it’s difficult to fit everything into one speech and remember every single person you want to mention. But it just would have been really nice to hear my dad’s name mentioned.”

Although Noelle later pointed out one major omission from her dad’s own WWE Hall Of Fame speech:

To be fair, my dad did forget to mention my mom in his HOF speech”

Foley set his sights on The Undertaker immediately when he made his WWE debut in 1996 as Mankind. The two men fought each other in memorable matches such as a Boiler Room Brawl, a Buried Alive match, and most memorable of all, the Hell In A Cell bout at King Of The Ring in 1998.