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“Nobody Cares About The FTW Title” – Cody Rhodes

Cody posing in an AEW ring - FTW Title thumb

Cody Rhodes has made his thoughts clear on the recently revived FTW title and Team Tazz in an interview with Tony Schiavone promoting this upcoming AEW Dynamite.

In a Twitter video seemingly inspired by the interviews of 80’s era wrestling, Tony Schiavone promoted the card for this week’s AEW Dynamite and interviewed Cody Rhodes about his tag match with Darby Allin against Team Tazz’s Brian Cage and Ricky Starks.

Rhodes started by heavily praising the Tazz-anointed FTW Champion Brian Cage, calling him “an outstanding professional wrestler”:

“Let’s talk about Brian Cage, let’s talk about him. Great wrestler, great wrestler. He has an incredible in-ring IQ, he has extensive experience which goes a long way in a young, young locker room like we have. He’s ‘The Machine’. He’s got that physique that everyone talks about.

Brian Cage, in short, is an outstanding professional wrestler.”

He went on to ponder why he and Tazz don’t get along despite their similarities and discussed why he wouldn’t be FTW Champion, even if they did:

“No, you know what, I wouldn’t be the FTW Champion. You know why? Because nobody, nobody cares about the FTW title, respectfully. Maybe one other guy, maybe one other guy and I know where he sits in the building, maybe one other guy cares about the FTW Championship.

Respectfully, it belongs in a museum. It was something, it was something and it isn’t something now. It has nothing to do with the present and the future of professional wrestling.”

The Executive Vice President of AEW also emphatically stated why he won’t lose to Team Tazz, and particularly Ricky Starks, on Dynamite:

“Here’s what’s not going to happen Wednesday. You ready? Here’s what’s not going to happen. Ricky Starks – our guy number 5, number 5 – Ricky Starks has an Android phone. There is no chance on this earth that I would ever lose to a guy with an Android phone.”

Cody Rhodes will team with TNT Champion Darby Allin to face Brian Cage and Ricky Starks on this upcoming episode of AEW Dynamite on November 18th. UK fans can catch Dynamite live every week through AEW Plus on

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