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Noam Dar On Learning From Shawn Michaels, And Triple H and HBK’s Influence On NXT UK

Noam Dar.

During a recent chat with talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy, NXT UK star Noam Dar was full of praise for Triple H and Shawn Michaels, and their work with the brand.

Noam Dar revealed that having the opportunity to work directly with Michaels, someone he describes as “the best wrestler in the world,” has helped him up his game.

“For me personally, I’ve come on leaps and bounds just under that tutelage being able to work directly with Shawn, and being able to just the mantra of NXT across the board is very much the talent are there to work. We’re highly invested in what we’re doing and we want to develop and to progress through NXT, WWE and wrestling as an industry. When you have literally the best wrestler in the world working with talent who want to be the best, you’re going to create magic.”

The Scottish Supernova went on to explain that Michael’s and Triple H’s understanding of British wrestling has been key to them becoming successful coaches.

“Shawn and Triple H have so successfully assimilated their perspectives of wrestling through the lens of what we do, which is so difficult. It doesn’t matter if you’re the greatest in your industry, if you’re unable to find a point to relate and understand the differences in anything; not even just the wrestling industry, take music for example. If you’re not able to tune your eat to what ever the current sound is and be able to make small, little changes there and allow it to become even bigger than it is, then it doesn’t matter what your credentials are. But, Shawn Michaels and Triple H not only have those credentials above and beyond, they also know how to coach us and that’s been so, so rewarding.”

After being defeated by eventual winner A-Kid in the second round of the Heritage Cup in November, Dar debuted his new Supernova Sessions talk show on the most recent episode of NXT UK. The first guest on the show was a returning Tyler Bate.

You can read Dar’s full conversation with talkSPORT here.