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“No-one Gives A S*** About Talent” – Ali On RETRIBUTION

Mustafa Ali in the ring

Mustafa Ali has revealed the reason for RETRIBUTION’s members – aside from himself – being masked and having aliases while responding to a tweet speaking on the group’s “cartoony” feeling.

Ali would respond saying “no-one gives a s*** about talent” in his seemingly in-character tweet.

“Why? Because I wanted to prove that how you look and what your name is matters in this company and to “fans”. No one gives a shit about talent.”

Mustafa Ali was revealed as leader of the faction in October, two months after their RAW debut. The group had first appeared attacking the Performance Center, then the group would take a chainsaw to the ropes on SmackDown. In September, T-BAR and fellow NXT stars wrestlers Dio Maddin, Shane Thorne, Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez, who would later be removed from the group, would reveal their new identities before T-BAR, MACE, and SLAPJACK made their in-ring debut against The Hurt Business.

RETRIBUTION would then go on a losing streak, which came to an end ahead of Survivor Series when they defeated Keith Lee, Braun Strowman, Sheamus and Riddle. Ever since, the faction have targeted Ricochet and tried to add him as a member. Recently, Ali has spoken out against WWE’s use of veteran talent on Legends Night.

Ali’s tweet also included a link to a tweet from the SmackDown hacker – later revealed to be Ali himself – speaking on being judged because of your name and appearance.