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NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 15 Night 2 Results

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Keep up with all the night 2 of Wrestle Kingdom 15 results as the show emanates from the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan for the second night of NJPW’s biggest show of the year!

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The results from night 2 of Wrestle Kingdom 15 were as follows:

  • Toru Yano defeated Chase Owens, Bad Luck Fale and BUSHI to win the King Of Pro Wrestling 2021 via Pinfall (7:40)
  • Suzuki-Gun (El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) (c) defeated One Or Eight (Ryusuke Taguchi & Master Wato) via Pinfall to retain the IWGP Tag Team Championships (13:25)
  • Shingo Takagi (c) defeated Jeff Cobb via Pinfall to retain the NEVER Openweight Championship (21:15)
  • SANADA defeated EVIL via Pinfall (24:35)
  • Hiromu Takahashi defeated Taiji Ishimori (c) via Pinfall to win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship (25:30)
  • Kota Ibushi(c) defeated Jay White via Pinfall to retain the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships (48:05)

Toru Yano defeats Chase Owens, Bad Luck Fale and BUSHI to win the King Of Pro Wrestling 2021 via Pinfall in 7:40

  • Fale and Owens attempt a fingerpoke of doom finish where Chase would let Fale pin him but BUSHI and Yano just barely break up the pin. Yano exposes one of the turnbuckles.
  • Fale and Owens work together against their two opponents with both hitting a wishbone on Yano before attempting a cover that Yano broke up with rope break. BUSHI runs back in to break up the second pin attempt.
  • BUSHI throws Fale and Owens to the outside, hitting a flying dive on Fale before taking Owens down with a Tope Suicida. Yano runs in and tries to slam Fale but Fale just falls onto him.
  • BUSHI attempts the MX on Owens and Owens tries for the Package Piledriver but BUSHI counters into a sitting pin attempt for a near-fall.
  • Owens and Fale hit the Gernade Launcher combo and Owens almost pins BUSHI but Fale breaks it up and tries to take the pin for himself. The two argue and try to attack the ref but Yano hits a double low blow before pinning BUSHI to win the 2021 King Of Pro Wrestling.

Analysis: Definitely not the standard Wrestle Kingdom opener but pretty fun nonetheless. Yano pulls out his usual tactics to pick up the win over Fale AGAIN to capture the title he ended last year with. I am very much looking forward to the ABSOLUTE MURDER of Toru Yano when Fale gets his hands on him again.

Suzuki-Gun defeats One Or Eight via Pinfall to retain the IWGP Tag Team Championships in 13:25

  • The match starts out quick with Wato and Desperado kicking us off. Wato hits a Tope Con Giro to the outside before tagging in Taguchi, who runs the ropes in front of Despardo to taunt him before Kanemaru pulls him to the outside and kicks Taguchi’s knee into the barricade.
  • Desperado throws Wato into Tenzan who’s accompanying One Or Eight at ringside. Kanemaru pulls Taguchi back in the ring and continually tags in and out with Despardo whilst distracting the referee to attack Taguchi’s injured ankle behind the ref’s back.
  • Taguchi eventually hits the hip attack on Kanemaru in order to tag in Wato. Wato hits a springboard uppercut for a near-fall before trying for his finish but Kanemaru pushes the referee into Wato three times before eventually connecting with an enziguri.
  • Taguchi tags in and pulls Despardo into his rear multiple times in the corner before attempting a Dudebuster, but Desperado escapes. Taguchi catches his opponent and hits a reverse powerslam before attempting the Bomaye but Kanemaru cuts him off.
  • Suzuki-Gun hit a knee buster before Desperado locks in the Brock Lock. He almost taps but Master Wato breaks it up. Desperado attempts a powerbomb but Taguchi locks in a ankle lock which Despardo escapes.
  • Taguchi hits the Bomaye out of nowhere but Desperado kicks out. Kanemaru distracts the referee and Desperado hits a closed fist behind the referee’s back before hitting the Pinche Loco for the win.

Analysis: Fun match though I don’t think it was the best showing for Wato. I’m not a massive fan of the whole Master Wato gimmick and I think for someone who showed so much promise as a young lion, there’s better things for him. He could be a killer new competitor in the Jr. singles division, which is where I imagine he goes next, but for now this gimmick is somewhat stagnating him. Taguchi was fun as always though.

Shingo Takagi defeats Jeff Cobb via Pinfall to retain the NEVER Openweight Championship in 21:15

  • The two start with strong collar-and-elbow tie-ups before getting into a striking exchange. Shingo knocks Cobb down with two tackles and goes for a cover, but Cobb easily throws him off before 1.
  • Cobb returns in kind with a dropkick before throwing Shingo to the outside. Shingo tries for the Dingo Bomber but Cobb caught him into a belly-to-belly suplex. Both men head back into the ring before Cobb locks in a bearhug on his opponent, which he releases.
  • Shingo tries to build some momentum but Cobb absorbs his striking offence. He finally hits a spinning back suplex to take down his opponent going to the apron and trying for a death valley drive. Cobb escapes and pulls Shingo to the tope rope before attempting a Crucifix bomb to the outside. Shingo escapes and hits a Tope Con Hiro.
  • Shingo hits a clothesline in the corner, a DDT and follows up with a dragon elbow for a near-fall. Shingo tries for the Pumping Bomber again but Cobb counters into a spin-out powerslam. Shingo tries for the Noshigami but Cobb counters into a powerbomb for a near-fall.
  • Shingo hits a death valley driver and follows it up with a superplex and a wheelbarrow suplex. He tries for a sliding lariat but Cobb counters into a t-bone suplex before Shingo hits one of his own.
  • The two get into a slugfest and eventually Cobb hits a german suplex before Shingo uses the last of his strength to hit a lariat, causing him to fall to the outside.
  • Shingo barely makes it in the ring and Cobb hits a piledriver for a near-fall. Cobb tries for Tour Of The Islands but Shingo escapes and takes down Cobb’s knee from under him before hitting Made In Japan for a near-fall.
  • The two exchange thunderous strikes again but Cobb manages to hit Tour Of The Islands. His knee gives out but he eventually gets into the pinfall attempt, which Shingo kicks to of.
  • Cobb tries for a deadlift suplex from the apron into the ring but Shingo escapes and hits a powerbomb. Cobb tries for Tour Of The Islands again, fails and hits a Moonsault Powerslam.
  • Shingo manages to stun his opponent with a headbutt before hitting a hip toss. Shingo hits the Pumping Bomber and finally hits Last Of The Dragon to retain.

Analysis: Absolutely insane match, might well be my match of the event and a very early match of the year contender. Jeff had a surprisingly dominant showing over Takagi and very nearly won the title multiple times, only losing thanks to Shingo taking out Cobb’s knee from underneath him. A constant back-and-forth that epitomised the strong style wrestling that the NEVER title represents. In even defeat, Cobb looked fantastic and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch down the line!

SANADA defeats EVIL via Pinfall in 24:35

  • The two feel each other out early as both men tried for their finishes but they both escape. SANADA locks in the Paradise Lock early before hitting a dropkick into EVIL’s rear before feigning a dive. He tries for a moonsault but Evil dodges and drives SANADA into the barricade, which knocks over the ring announcer.
  • Evil hangs a chair around SANADA’s neck and hits it with another in a baseball bat-esque strike before pulling out a table from underneath the ring and setting it up.
  • Both men make their way back into the ring and Dick Togo exposes one of the turnbuckles, which EVIL throws SANADA into. EVIL drives SANADA into the ring announcer again and as the referee is distracted, Togo hits SANADA with a chair. EVIL tries for a pin and gets a 2-count.
  • SANADA begins to build momentum but Togo trips him up and positions the table at ringside. EVIL sets up for an urange through it but SANADA escapes and sets up EVIL himself but EVIL escapes.
  • SANADA takes EVIL down with a tiger suplex for a near-fall. EVIL retaliates with a backbreaker and follows up by dragging SANADA to the top rope, hitting a thunderous superplex. EVIL locks in the Darkness Storm but SANADA gets to the ropes to break the hold.
  • EVIL hits Darkness Falls but SANADA kicks out at 2, to the shock of his former partner. EVIL sets up for EVERYTHING IS EVIL but SANADA escapes. EVIL tries to run at SANADA but he dodges, causing EVIL to run into the exposed turnbuckle.
  • SANADA hits the TKO but gets a near-fall. He goes for the Mutoh Moonsault but EVIL dodges and SANADA tweaks his knee. SANADA tries for Skull End but EVIL counters and knocks the referee down. Dick Togo hits SANADA with a chair before hitting Magic Killer with EVIL.
  • Togo goes for a top rope senton before SANADA kicks EVIL into the ropes, causing Togo to fall onto his crotch. SANADA hits a moonsault into the Skull End.
  • EVIL almost passes out but SANADA releases the hold before hitting the Mutoh Moonsault and goes for it again. EVIL gets his knees up. SANADA tries to go for the Skull End again but EVIL pulls the referee and SANADA to the ropes, allowing Dick Togo to wrap wire around SANADA’s neck.
  • SANADA breaks free and EVIL knocks Togo off the apron and through the ringside table. EVIL tries for EVERYTHING IS EVIL but SANADA counters with his own version of the move. SANADA hits a pop-up TKO before hitting the Mutoh Moonsault for the win.

Analysis: Great match that definitely picked up at the end. SANADA gets revenge for LIJ by beating EVIL and gives Togo a measure of punishment too. It did feel like SANADA wasn’t really invested in a match that’s meant to be this big grudge feud but I get that he’s supposed to be this cool and calm character. EVIL’s Bullet Club interference does take away from his matches unfortunately as it just makes him boring rather than actually dislikeable to me so I’m hoping he drops Togo at some point soon but I doubt he will.

Hiromu Takahashi defeats Taiji Ishimori via Pinfall to win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship in 25:30

  • Incredibly fast-start with multiple standing switches and counters before Taiji attempted a moonsault to the outside. Hiromu caught him with a thrust kicks before trying for the Sunset Bomb. Taiji moonsaults out of it but Hiromu hit an apron powerbomb for his troubles.
  • Hiromu walks to the top of the ramp and charges at Ishimori, who caught the challenger with a side suplex. Taiji rolls Hiromu back into the ring and begins beating down the challenger with some strikes. Ishimori throws Hiromu into the still exposed corner.
  • Ishimori works over Hiromu’s hand that was injured in his match with ELP yesterday. Hiromu tries to throw Ishimori into the exposed turnbuckle but Ishimori stops himself. Ishimori tries to run at the ropes but Hiromu catches him with a standing hurricanrana.
  • Hiromu catches Ishimori with a headlock in the ropes before delivering a facebuster outside the ring. Hiromu hits a shotgun dropkick from the apron before dragging Ishimori into the ring, following up with a falcon arrow for a near-fall. Ishimori regains control with a sliding German suplex.
  • Ishimori continues to focus on Hiromu’s arm by delivering a springboard 450 onto it. He follows it up by locking in the Lebell Lock in, which Hiromu escapes before attempting a pop-up powerbomb that Ishimori counters into a hurricanrana.
  • Ishimori tries to charge at Hiromu but Hiromu counters with a throw into a non-exposed turnbuckle. Hiromu tries for the Dynamite Plunger but transitions into a complete shot before hitting the running death valley driver into the turnbuckle.
  • Hiromu tried for the Time Bomb but Ishimori blocked it and followed up with a Canadian destroyer. The two get into a slugfest which Ishimori gets the better of, delivering tens of heavy forearm strikes to Hiromu.
  • Ishimori throws Hiromu into the exposed corner’s ringpost before hitting a hammerlock shoulder breaker to wear down his opponent. Ishimori locks in the Lebell Lock, which Hiromu tries to roll out of but Ishimori maintains the hold. Hiromu eventually breaks the hold with rope break but it was after an extended time in the hold.
  • Ishimori hits a double knee gutbuster before attempting the Bloody Cross but Hiromu escapes. Hiromu eventually regains the advantage with a snap facebuster and goes for the cover, but Ishimori kicks out.
  • Hiromu hits a big lariat before driving Ishimori into the exposed turnbuckle with the running death valley driver. He hits the Time Bomb but Ishimori kicks out. He goes for the Time Bomb 2 but Ishimori counters. Hiromu rolls through and tries it again but again, Ishimori counters, this time into a facebuster before locking in the Lebell Lock.
  • Hiromu hits a facebuster of his own before finally hitting Time Bomb 2 to pick up the win.

Analysis: Another great match, much more in line with the typical Jr. style compared to yesterday’s match. Hiromu quite literally outlasted Ishimori in this marathon of a back-and-forth match with Ishimori. I still feel like it lacked something compared to Jr. Heavyweight title matches at Wrestle Kingdoms of the past but it was still a great match and very much worthy of its semi-main event placement.

Kota Ibushi defeats Jay White via Pinfall to retain the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships in 48:05

  • Jay immediately plays mind games with Ibushi, going to the outside and taunting the fans. White gets in the ring and Gedo tries to distract Ibushi, but White tells him to stay down for now. The two finally lock-up but Gedo trips Ibushi, allowing White to gain the advantage.
  • White beats down Ibushi but Ibushi retaliates with a single leg drop kick before going to the outside. Gedo tries to grab Ibushi but Ibushi gives him a stiff elbow. White drops Ibushi onto the apron with a high-angle suplex, causing the champion to land on his neck.
  • White drives Ibushi into the apron several times and gets back in the ring. Ibushi gets back in the ring around the 10-count but Ibushi goes on the offensive again, raking Ibushi’s face before delivering a half-and-half gutbuster for a near-fall.
  • White focused on Ibushi’s back and gut before ‘The Golden Star’ regained control with a spinning kick to the gut before hitting a kick to the chest and follows up with a standing moonsault for a near-fall.
  • Ibushi tries to go to the top rope but Jay stuns him before hitting a dragon screw leg whip whilst Ibushi was trapped in the corner. White begins stomping on Ibushi’s leg but Ibushi absorbed the blow before retaliated with a standing hurricanrana.
  • Ibushi fired up the crowd with clapping before attempting the Golden Triangle Moonsault. White dodges, Ibushi tweaked his leg and White knocked the champion down. White hit a half-and-half suplex into the turnbuckle and went for a cover, but Ibushi kicked out.
  • White tries for the Kiwi Crusher but Ibushi weighed himself down before countering with a half-and-half suplex of his own. Ibushi hit the Bastard Driver before attempting the Bomaye, but White dodged.
  • White hits a spike uranage and the Kiwi Crusher but Ibushi kicks out of the pinfall attempts following both. White tries for Bladerunner but Ibushi rolls through into a deadlift back suplex. Ibushi hits the Bomaye for a near-fall.
  • Ibushi tries for the Golden Star Powerbomb but White counters into a roll-up that gets him a 3-count, but his feet were on the rope and the ref noticed.
  • Ibushi hit a stiff roundhouse kick to White’s head before attempting the Phoenix Splash, but his hesitation after Gedo gets on the apron allows White to join him on the top and try for a top-rope sleeper suplex, but Ibushi holds on.
  • Ibushi elbows out of the move at the last possible second but Gedo catches Ibushi’s leg, allowing White to get up, grab Ibushi and takes out his leg. White hits multiple dragon screw leg whips before locking in the ITO, which Ibushi broke via rope break.
  • White kicks Ibushi in the face but Ibushi absorbs the strikes before hitting a stiff overhand palm strike to knock the challenger down. White tries to return the favour but Ibushi hits a forearm which knocks White out the ring
  • White rolls back in and Ibushi opens himself up to a strike but White just lies down and asks Ibushi to cover him. Ibushi slaps his opponent and denies White’s surrender, the ref tries to stop Ibushi’s onslaught but Ibushi shoves the referee away, allowing White to hit a low blow.
  • White drives Ibushi back-and-forth between the barricade and apron before dragging him up the ramp and beating him up more before running back in the ring.
  • White tells the referee not to count as Ibushi crawls back in the ring. White hits a snap facebuster before hitting two snap german suplexes and attempting a third on the apron. Ibushi elbows himself free before lifting White up, which Jay escapes from.
  • Ibushi hits a high kick to knock White down before hitting the deadlift German suplex from the apron into the ring. Ibushi hits the Golden Star Powerbomb but White kicks out just barely. Ibushi attempts the Kamigoye but White hits a sleeper suplex right on Ibushi’s head.
  • White hits another sleeper suplex before hitting a Regalplex for a near-call. White tries for Bladerunner but Ibushi rolls through into the Kamigoye but White kicks out!
  • Ibushi hits the Phoenix Splash but Gedo pulls the referee out. Gedo tries to hit Ibushi with brass knuckles but Ibushi counters with the Kamigoye. White hits the Bladerunner but Ibushi kicks out, becoming the first man ever to do so.
  • White tries for Bladerunner again but Ibushi pushes him over. Ibushi tries for a german suplex but White counters into the ITO. Ibushi nearly gets to the ropes but White drags him back to the centre of the ring. Ibushi manages to get to the ropes with the very last of his strength.
  • Ibushi tries for the V-Trigger but White catches him and hits a second Regalplex which Ibushi kicks out of it. White hits Bloody Sunday and tries for Bladerunner but Ibushi spins out before hitting the V-Trigger!
  • Ibushi drags White to his feet and tries for the Kamigoye but White kicks his knee and face multiple times. Ibushi hits a second V-Trigger before attempting Kamigoye again but White tries for another Bladerunner counter but Ibushi kicks him again.
  • Ibushi hits a Kamigoye to the back of White’s head before securing the win with a second, retaining both titles in his first defence.
  • After the match, SANADA confronts Ibushi and claims himself as the next challenger before Ibushi announces that his quest is finally complete: He has become God.

Analysis: An absolute marathon of a main event that saw Ibushi finally get his long-awaited victory over White on the grandest stage in NJPW. The match started slow and really only picked up around the 30-35 minute mark, but the build was necessary for what was a blistering final 15 minutes. The transitions and counters were stunning and Ibushi landed on his neck at least six times, which might be a new record. Despite being the longest Wrestle Kingdom match in history, White and Ibushi presented a very different main event that kept me hooked all the way to the finish. Ibushi has secured his spot as IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental champion and I, for one, welcome Ibushi’s declaration of finally being God.

And that was night 2 of Wrestle Kingdom 15!

A stronger night overall than night 1, I’d say. Both Shingo vs Cobb and Ibushi vs White stole the show, with Ishimori vs Takahashi and Suzuki-Gun vs One Or Eight just trailing behind. The King Of Pro Wrestling four-way was a fun enough affair and I’m glad it didn’t go longer than it needed it to but I was personally a little disappointed by SANADA/EVIL. For a grudge match, SANADA just remained very nonchalant which I know is his character but you’d think he’d bring some sort of aggressive streak or… something, ANYTHING, different. But he didn’t.

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