NJPW Star With High WWE Interest Currently A Free Agent


As far back as January, Fightful Select reported that WWE had a keen interest in NJPW star Tama Tonga.

The former seven-time IWGP World Tag Team Champion is a product of the Dudley Boyz’ Team 3D Academy Of Professional Wrestling based in Florida but has spent the majority of his career in Japan. Whilst it is currently unknown if the Nuku’alofa born star would be interested in the move to WWE, it would provide an emotional story should he follow in his adoptive Father and former superstar Haku’s footsteps and capture WWE Tag Team gold.

At Wrestle Kingdom 17, Tonga defeated Karl Anderson to become the NEVER Openweight Champion. He later lost the title to David Finlay at Wrestling Dontaku.

Speaking in a February interview with Tokyo Sports, Tonga confirmed that WWE was “knocking hard” at his door while declaring himself one of the best in the world.

“I’m always the guy at the top. Look what I have accomplished in my short career in Japan. I started the best unit ever, the Bullet Club. I was ostracized. Nobody believed me. But that’s okay. All you need is yourself. All you need is to believe in yourself. I will be the best wrestler. It could be the ultimate legend of New Japan Pro Wrestling, or it could be WWE, because WWE is knocking hard on my door. And I might say, ‘Hello.'”

Tama Tonga Working In NJPW Without A Contract

Now, a new report from Fightful Select reveals that Tama Tonga is currently working without a contract and is technically a free agent despite being heavily featured on New Japan programming.

The report notes that Tonga has become a casualty of WWE‘s unofficial hiring freeze, but that the sports entertainment giant maintains interest in the star. In fact, creative pitches were made to use him if he were to make the transition to WWE. However, due to the freeze, officials have not maintained contact with him.