New Japan Continue To Advertise Karl Anderson For November 5th, Despite Crown Jewel Clash

Karl Anderson

The rumor mill has been swirling around the NEVER Openweight Champion Karl Anderson.

Not just that, but it’s also been circling around the status of his November 5, 2022 match against Hikuleo, which is for Anderson’s NEVER Openweight Championship.

Will Karl Anderson Stay Committed To NJPW With New WWE Contract?

After competing at a live event on October 21, 2022 against Iwate, Hikuleo spoke about the situation revolving around Karl Anderson.

With Hikuleo, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Ryusuke Taguchi taking part in a NEVER Openweight 6 Man Championship match in Aomori on Sunday, Hikuleo thanked his teammates, however, he would eventually switch his gears to Karl Anderson.

“You think you forgot about me? I’ve got alot on my plate right now, but I can make time for you. What are you scared of, Karl Anderson? The second non Japanese person to make the finals of the G1, scared of someone who’s just coming back from a learning excursion? The former multi time IWGP Tag Team Champion, scared of someone who’s only had two title matches?

Listen, you want to call yourself ‘bright lights’? Don’t forget who turned on those lights for you- New Japan did. And now you want to say those lights are brighter? You want to say your lights are brighter. Well don’t turn your back on us. Don’t forget where you came from.

Karl, you want to hide from me? I’ll find you, and when I do- I’ll knock all your lights out.”

With New Japan Pro Wrestling‘s Battle Autumn event on November 5, 2022, Karl Anderson and Hikuleo are scheduled to square off, with it being televised live on NJPW World in English.

In other related news, the president of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Takami Ohbari, stated to Tokyo Sports that he was “angry” at Anderson’s double booking with both NJPW and WWE. However, he didn’t specifically make a comment about how he was feeling about Anderson picking WWE over his promotion.

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