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Nikki Cross Sends Out Heartfelt Message After Debuting New Look

Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross surprised everyone on Raw when she debuted a new superhero-inspired look, now she has sent out a heartfelt message indicating that the change in direction was her idea.

Cross teamed with her one-time tag team partner and someone else who has undergone a metamorphosis in recent months, Alexa Bliss to face Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax on Raw. The winners would qualify for the women’s Money In The Bank match on July 18th. Cross and Bliss won the match and the places in the ladder match when Cross rolled up Baszler for the pin.

The real story came before the match when Cross who was speaking backstage, first appeared in a blue mask, delivering an impassioned promo about how she has been on a great run in recent weeks and is ready to embrace her true spirit.

As Cross prepared to head to the ring she fully unveiled her new superhero-esque look. The blue and gold outfit adorned with a gold butterfly and cape serving as a complete about-turn from her usual ring gear.

Now on social media, Nikki Cross has sent out a message to her legions of fans along with some pictures of her in her new gear.

The message from Cross read:

“Bringing THIS to life has given me such joy. The roll I have been on the last few weeks gave me the boost I needed to unveil this to the world, that everyone has that spark and they can try anything they want to, just listen to your heart. I want to blossom like a butterfly. I want us all to. I don’t have superpowers. I can’t fly. I don’t have super strength.
But putting on my mask, my cape, my gauntlets, my armband, my whole outfit on……makes me feel like I can try anything. I might fall down. But il get back up, each and every time. We all will. #wweraw@WWE@peacocktv”

Cross’ husband Killain Dain also took to social media to confirm that the idea behind the superhero chracter was all Cross’.

Dain Tweeted:

Artist Robert Downie also took to Twitter to show the initial concept art for the new character, saying he had helped Cross pitch the idea.

With a winning start in her new wardrobe, the Scottish sensation will be hoping she can fly high come Money In The Bank and grab the coveted briefcase for herself.