Nikki Cross Renames Herself Nikki ASH (Almost A Superhero)

Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross has renamed herself following her stunning appearance on Raw where she debuted a new superhero character, saying now that she is almost a superhero.

On the 21st of June edition of Raw, Nikki Cross at first appeared in a blue mask, delivering an impassioned promo about how she has been on a great run in recent weeks and is ready to embrace her true spirit.

As Cross prepared to head to the ring she fully unveiled her new superhero-esque look. The blue and gold outfit adorned with a gold butterfly and cape serving as a complete about-turn from her usual ring gear. The change of costume seemed to work as she teamed with her former tag team partner Alexa Bliss to defeat former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax to qualify for the women’s Money In The Bank ladder match.

On the 28th of June Raw, Cross was preparing to head to the ring for a one-on-one match with Baszler when Sarah Schreiber caught up with her. Cross corrected Sarah who mentioned her new superhero persona and said that she was in fact “almost a superhero.”

Nikki Cross went on to say that this change in persona has helped her show the things that have always been inside her that will hopefully lead her to success in WWE. Circling back to being “almost a superhero,” the Scottish star seemed to indicate that she now wanted to be known as Nikki ASH [almost a superhero]. Whatever her name, the woman behind the mask is certainly on an impressive win as she managed another victory against Baszler.

Nikki ASH is not the only superhero in WWE folklore with the most famous example being The Hurricane. He in turn made Molly Holly ‘Mighty Molly’ and teamed with Citizen [Lance] Storm in The Hurri-League. At one time The Hurricane even had an almost-superhero partner with his own acronym as well. Roman Reigns’ brother Rosey teamed with The Hurricane for a spell when he was a Super Hero In Training.