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Nikki Cross Remembers Her Last Time Performing Live For Fans

Nikki Cross lets out a scream

In an emotional Twitter post, Nikki Cross has revealed her sadness at not being able to perform live in front of wrestling fans.

WWE has been performing without fans, or at a reduced capacity, for months since the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Both talent and fans have had to adapt quickly to the situation, and it’s no secret that some performers miss the atmosphere that comes from working in packed venues. Nikki Cross expressed as much on her Twitter page,

While it’s obviously been difficult for Cross and other performers to adapt to performing in front of virtually no fans, it’s worth noting that WWE’s ThunderDome is considered a success, and has won the company multiple awards including the Virtual Fan Experience of the Year Award at the 2020 SPORTEL Awards.

In follow-up tweets Cross stated,

Gotta love hindsight…remember to take in the moments. Stop and breathe and appreciate it all because you never know.

Shortly after this tweet Cross corrected herself, as she had erroneously claimed that March 6th, 2020 was the last time that WWE had run a live show in front of fans.

March 6th, 2020 was in fact the last time Smackdown! ran an arena show; WWE ran a live Raw event after that date and NXT held an event at The Performance Centre which was attended by around 200 fans. But, as Cross pointed out, that was her last time performing in front of a live crowd, so she can be forgiven for that slight oversight.

Cross’s most prominent work over the intervening 12 months has been her feud with The Fiend aligned Alexa Bliss which included some intense, physical battles that ultimately ended when Bliss sided with her Firefly Funhouse co-host. Cross also featured in the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble, entering at number 20 before being eliminated by Carmella after just 7 minutes in the match.