Nikki Cross Opens Up About Attending Therapy

Nikki Cross

Nicola Glenncross, better known as Nikki Cross and Nikki A.S.H. in WWE, took to Twitter earlier to talk about a challenging time she had in her life around a decade ago.

Cross began her career as a pro wrestler in 2008 and has been working for WWE since 2016. Before coming to WWE, she wrestled for various promotions around the world including SHIMMER Women’s Athletes, Pro-Wrestling: EVE, TNA/IMPACT, and Stardom.

It was sometime during those international and interpromotional travels of hers that she had a professional photo taken, which is the photo she shared on Twitter yesterday, April 28th.

And while she doesn’t deny that she looked good in that photo, things were much worse for her under the surface.

Instead of using this photo as a means to get attention or promote something, Nikki Cross took the opportunity to share some personal thoughts about how attending therapy yielded some positive benefits for her during a time when she was struggling mentally.

“Going to therapy was the best decision I ever made” – Nikki Cross

According to Nikki Cross herself, this photo was taken at a time when she had serious issues with self-image, self-esteem, and self-hatred. But going to therapy and having someone to talk to really helped her mindset and now she is, in her own words, “much happier now”.

Cross also tried to encourage people to see therapy in a different light because she had to deal with what she saw as the wrong mindset about the whole ordeal.

“I didn’t tell people I went to therapy because I didn’t want to look mentally soft or weak. My god, that is absolutely the wrong mindset. Asking for help is strong. Taking the time to take care of yourself is strong. There’s also more important things to life than other’s perceptions of you.”

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