Nikki ASH Is No More As Nikki Cross Returns To WWE Raw With New Look

Nikki ASH Nikki Cross

Back in June of 2021, Nikki Cross took on a new identity as Nikki ASH, saying that she was almost a superhero. The star dressed in heroic fashion, complete with a mask over her face, and she vowed to be a role model that little girls everywhere could look up to.

Things were looking up for the almost superhero at first, and she found success winning Money in the Bank and cashing in to become Raw Women’s Champion. However, even while she reigned as champion she suffered a streak of losses, and she would eventually lose the title back to Charlotte Flair after just 32 days.

Though it seemed she might find some success after teaming up with fellow Scotland native Doudrop back in May, she didn’t stray far from her almost heroism despite turning heel. She continued to dress like a superhero, changing the blue in her outfit to black. After suffering yet another loss on the September 26th episode of WWE Raw, Nikki ASH removed her superhero mask, signaling that a change in character might be ahead. She remained absent from the program until making her return on October 24th.

Nikki Cross Interfered In The Main Event Of WWE Raw

The main event of the October 24th episode of WWE Raw saw a non-title rematch between Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair and Bayley. Despite her incredible strength, keeping Damage CTRL at bay was proving difficult for Belair toward the end of the match, and with the referee distracted, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY attacked her outside of the ring. When the referee attempted to eject Kai and SKY from ringside, a mysterious figure dove from atop the ringpost onto all three of them, leaving them lying on the ground.

In the ring the distraction allowed Belair to hit a KOD on Bayley, but as commentary yelled that Nikki Cross was back, she made her way into the ring and hit a swinging neckbreaker on the champion, allowing Bayley to cover her. Referee Jessika Carr ran down to count the pinfall victory for Bayley as the original referee was still out of commission.

However, Bayley’s victory celebration was cut short when Nikki Cross showed that she wasn’t done wreaking havoc for the night. She attacked the Damage CTRL leader, delivering a brutal beatdown before standing tall as the show went off the air with both Bayley and Bianca down in the ring.

Full results from the October 24th episode of WWE Raw can be found here.