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Nightmare Factory Presents Its Inaugural Student Showcase

The Nightmare Factory has presented its debut showcase featuring its first crop of students.

The Georgia based training facility, which is owned and operated by Cody Rhodes and QT Marshall, announced its intention to open development camps for aspiring professional wrestlers in July 2020.

The Factory’s inaugural class of 25 students recently completed a three month training camp which, in addition to in-ring training, included seminars on HD make up, ‘Wrestlenomics’ and nutrition planning.

At launch, Rhodes said the following on his aspirations for the venture:

I’ve had the best trainers throughout my career, and now I feel a responsibility to pass on the fundamentals and traditions of our sport and entertainment medium to aspiring wrestlers.

What I love most about the Nightmare Factory is its push towards the future and innovation, as well as its focus on the history of wrestling and how is has shaped our current business climate.

In addition to Rhodes and Marshall, AEW regulars Preston ’10’ Vance, Alan ‘5’ Angels, Aaron Solow and WCW star Glacier were also on hand to assist with the camp.

The full showcase can be viewed here:

Having completed its first camp, Cody Rhodes announced on Twitter that the second camp had begun on January 5th.

The 43,000 square foot facility may be familiar to fans of AEW Dynamite as the emergency setting for the company’s flagship show during the Florida lockdown in spring 2020.