Nick Khan Praises Vince McMahon For Being “Very Honest”

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On July 31st Vince McMahon retired from WWE in the wake of a sexual misconduct scandal that rocked the company.

As well as the numerous incidents themselves, McMahon was also accused to paying hush money to the women involved to suppress the allegations. That scandal brought a previous sexual assault allegation back into the spotlight, while it was later reported that he had sexually assaulted another woman in 2011.

Despite this, McMahon forced his way back into WWE in January 2023, albeit at the second attempt. He reinstated himself to the Board of Directors along with two associates and removed three serving members to make the move possible. Two other Board members quit as a result of McMahon returning and co-CEO Stephanie McMahon also left the company. This was despite the management team commenting there wouldn’t be any changes at the top of WWE.

Vince McMahon has stated that he is back with WWE in order to facilitate the sale of the company, but it has been suggested that that some expect him to take full and complete control of the company in the near future.

Vince McMahon Is A “Very Honest Broker”

Speaking during an appearance on the Bill Simmons podcast, CEO Nick Khan discussed the allegations made against McMahon. Khan explained that he doesn’t think anymore will come to light before praising McMahon for his honesty.

“I’m not. It feels like whatever happened, happened, and it’s out there and people know. I’ve always found him to be a very honest broker with this stuff. Even when the process started last summer, there was nothing that he hid, nothing that he covered up. He was very honest about it, I appreciated that, and I think a lot of other folks did too,”

In December it was reported that former referee Rita Chatterton was seeking a settlement worth $11.75 million in relation to an alleged sexual assault back in 1986. With regard to this incident and the other allegations, Khan was asked whether they could potentially hold up a sale.

“Everyone is just ploughing ahead. You just move forward. In all these businesses, there is never a clean and clear path. There is always some encumbrance, something in the way, some hurdle in the way that you have to get around or get through. I see that like I would any other item like it.”

During the conversation, Khan also said that he “applauded” McMahon for the way he forced himself back onto WWE’s Board of Directors.

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