Nick Khan Reveals WWE & UFC’s NFL Inspired “Hyperfocus” Heading Into 2024

Nick Khan Reveals WWE & UFC's NFL Inspired

WWE President Nick Khan has expressed his desire to create an exciting event that can captivate fans, similar to the schedule release day in major sports leagues like the NBA and NFL.

These events have become spectacles on social media, with teams finding creative ways to unveil their season schedules and generate excitement among their fanbase. In an interview on The Bill Simmons Podcast, Nick Khan discussed the possibility of WWE and UFC (now merged under the TKO Group Holdings) having their own version of a schedule release day.

Khan drew inspiration from the NFL Draft, which has become a massive event drawing hundreds of thousands of fans. He emphasised the importance of developing an event that can generate the same level of hype for WWE and UFC. Khan stated:

The NFL Draft. The first in Philly, where they took it out of New York and hundreds of thousands of people are there. What is there like that for UFC and WWE that could work? That’s something we’re hyper-focused on.

What Has Happened Since The WWE And UFC Merger?

The recent merger of WWE and UFC into the TKO Group has opened up new possibilities for collaboration. Khan sees the potential for cross-promotion between the two organisations, allowing UFC stars to explore opportunities in WWE and vice versa. This merger has also resulted in some changes within WWE, including staff layoffs.

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