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Nick Khan Reportedly Favourite To Replace Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon and Nick Khan

A new report has claimed that WWE President Nick Khan is the most likely person to take the reigns of the company when Vince McMahon steps down.

Vince McMahon has been at the head of WWE since the early 1980s and is responsible for taking the company from a wrestling organisation primarily based in the Northeast of the US to the global Sports Entertainment juggernaut we know today.

Some of the biggest names in wrestling and entertainment made their names while working for McMahon. From Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker to The Rock and John Cena, he was a big reason for the success of many household names.

As time has gone on, and the company has gone from strength to strength under the vision of the WWE Chairman, one question that occupies many people’s minds when it comes to WWE is ‘Who could possibly replace Vince McMahon?’

While the most obvious answer would seem to be one of McMahon’s children, Shane and Stephanie, or even his son in law Triple H, on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer has other ideas, saying current WWE President Nick Khan is the most likely candidate.

“I mean it’s kind of a Board of Directors thing, but probably (Nick Khan would replace Vince McMahon), yeah. Unless they went and hired somebody else from the outside, but probably Nick Khan, yes.”

Khan only joined WWE in August 2020 as President and Chief Revenue Officer but has already made waves in the organisation. He is widely seen as one of the driving forces behind both the recent revamp of NXT to NXT 2.0 as well as the budget cuts which have led to many WWE Superstars being released from their contracts.

H/T to Bodyslam.net for the above transcription.