Nick Khan Discusses WWE’s Approach To Sponsorship – “We Are Open For Business”

WWE CEO Nick Khan being interviewed

Nick Khan has confirmed that WWE is looking at adding a number of sponsorship deals, and that could include ring mat sponsors in the style of UFC.

Following WWE’s deal with Endeavor, many fans have wondered whether this will change the style of WWE programming. While the company has never been shy about incorporating sponsorship into their product, think the Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match at the Royal Rumble and Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s sponsorship of Dominik vs. Rey Mysterio, more could be on the way.

Speaking to LightShed Live, WWE President Nick Khan explained that everything is under consideration. This includes sponsorship of the ring apron, mat, turnbuckles, and beyond. The message is that if it can be sold, it will be.

“We are open for business. Ring mat, ring apron, the turnbuckles, everything that can be sold, we want to explore selling it. Obviously, it needs to be the right product, it can’t be too distracting, but if it’s the right relationship and the right company, we’re ready to go.”

Nick Khan Confirms WWE Cuts Are On The Way

Khan also confirmed that the company will undertake serious cost-cutting measures following the deal with Endeavor and the merger with UFC once all the details are confirmed. He stated that these cuts will be “aggressive” with WWE looking to recoup at least $50 million.

Despite Khan’s claims that this won’t affect “the product,” it has been reported that there is growing concern among talents that releases could be on the way.

H/t to Fightful