Nick Khan Comments On Upcoming WWE Sale

Nick Khan, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon

With WrestleMania 39 just around the corner, WWE remains up for sale.

On January 6th, Vince McMahon forced his way back onto WWE’s Board of Directors and was later elected Executive Chairman. Although not before ousting three serving Board members, two more quit, and Stephanie McMahon decided to leave the company.

It has repeatedly been stated that McMahon is only back with WWE to help facilitate a sale and aid in the upcoming media rights negotiations. Although there have been multiple reports hinting that he’s involved to some degree in the creative side of the company.

Speaking to the Sports Business Journal, Nick Khan looked ahead to the upcoming media rights negotiations. WWE’s CEO said that he believes the company is in a strong position.

“If you look at the ratings and relevancy of our product, we like to think we’re in a good position. We look to get into the heat of the conversation first with our incumbents by the middle of the year or so. Depending on the timing and how strategic alternatives shake out, it will be either be middle of the year getting hot and heavy, or some time shortly thereafter,”

Khan went on to admit that the impending sale of the company, makes negotiating media rights a little more tricky.

“That’s probably the trickiest of all the parts, but one thing that all potential buyers know is that the rights that Fox and NBCU negotiated for separately will obviously have to be adhered to and respected with all sorts of good faith attached to that.”

Nick Khan Says Vince McMahon Is Prepared To Leave WWE

Back in February, Khan moved to calm fears from some that Vince McMahon would look to remain with WWE even after the sports entertainment giant is sold. Khan stated that McMahon is prepared to leave at any point if that’s what’s best for the company.

It is believed that McMahon has placed a staggering $9 billion price tag on WWE.