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Nick Gage On Nearly Dying In The Ring: “It’s Part Of The Gig”

Nick Gage

Independent wrestler, Nick Gage recalled the time he nearly died in the ring in an exclusive interview with The Wrestling’s Cool podcast.

Gage, most famous for competing in the hardcore wrestling promotion, CZW is no stranger to dangerous, ‘Death Matches.’

Back in 2009, he competed in CZW’s eighth annual Tournament of Death. In the final, opposite Thumbtack Jack, Gage suffered a life threatening injury.

Gage explained:

“It was the finals and he went to throw me through the (light) tubes and I land through them. One stood up and jabbed into my armpit. You have major arteries in your armpit. It’s dangerous there. That’s why guys in prison like to shank in the armpit and that area. I sliced two arteries and was bleeding buckets, bleeding to death. Thank God I didn’t puncture a main artery or we wouldn’t be doing this s**t [interview].”

The Light Tubes and Panes of Glass Deathmatch very nearly lived up to it’s name but Gage was not deterred. In fact, incredibly he even returned to action a week later.

The 40-year-old added:

“It’s part of the gig. It’s part of deathmatch wrestling, that’s why (it’s called) deathmatch wrestling. Anything can happen. That’s why I loved that shit. I told them to tape it up. I knew the nurse very well, she’s been doing CZW from day one. I called her a b**ch and I feel bad, but at the time, I was fired up. She wasn’t listening to me, and I just wanted her to tape it up. Thankfully she didn’t listen to me or I’d be dead.”

Gage is rumoured to be featured in an episode of the upcoming third season of The Dark Side of The Ring.

h/t to Fightful for transcription