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Nick Gage & Mance Warner Have Cops Called On Them At GCW

Nick Gage

Nick Gage and Mance Warner’s main event at GCW’s Outlaw Mudshow certainly lived up to at least one word of that name with the cops being called to attend.

GCW Outlaw Mudshow took place on June 19th in Laramie, Wyoming where evidently wrestling is still real to some as according to AEW star Joey Janela it was a fan inside the building that called the police thinking the main event seemed a little too believable.

GCW Champion Nick Gage faced Mance Warner in the main event for his title in what was billed as a Bunkhouse Brawl match. In typical Gage fashion, the match was a violent affair with flaming tables used as well as Gage cutting Warner’s forehead repeatedly.

Janela, who was on commentary for the event, took to social media to share updates of the goings-on, noting that eight cops turned up to question both men about the part of their brawl that took place at the concession stand.

According to Janela, the police kept an eye on proceedings, driving by every few minutes. Apparently, this was not just restricted to the show as Joey Janela reported the police driving by the bar where Mance Warner was trying to relax after his brutal bout.

Nick Gage is no stranger to controversy as was shown in his recent Dark Side Of The Ring episode. The GCW Champion committed armed robbery several years ago and was sentenced to five years in prison in 2011. Gage also made headlines in 2018 after facing unlikely former WCW Champion David Arquette in a death match. During the match, Arquette was cut in the neck just millimetres from his jugular. The aftermath was captured in Arquette’s documentary film, You Cannot Kill David Arquette.