Nick Aldis Reveals Why He Decided To Re-Join IMPACT Wrestling

Nick Aldis made a surprise return to IMPACT Wrestling at Rebellion on April 16th.

After sitting in on commentary for the main event and IMPACT World Title match between Steve Maclin and KUSHIDA, Aldis confronted the former after he had won the gold and attacked Scot D’Amore.

Speaking to Tim on the Battleground Podcast, Aldis addressed his return to the company and explained why he’s so impressed with the work the promotion is doing.

“They showed me the respect of basically saying ‘We want Nick Aldis, as you are, and come in here and we want to build off of the work that you’ve done.’ To be able to combine that with, I also have a lot of history here, that’s exciting.

The roster at IMPACT is world-class. There’s so much discussion all of the time about who’s coming and going at WWE, who’s coming and going at AEW — and that’s justifiable — but in the mean time, if you look at IMPACT’s roster, man, that’s a murder’s row.

Now I’m looking at it like, finally! I got some real competition. I’m looking around going ‘yep, I wanna mix it up with him, yep, I wanna get in there with him, yep, me and him would be money.’ It’s just like take your pick.

Make no mistake, I don’t wanna waste any time. I wanna go after the strap.”

Nick Aldis Has Signed A Contract

In the wake of his return to IMPACT, it was reported that the British star was working without a contract, and operating on a handshake agreement. However, Inside The Ropes recently learned that Aldis has “100% signed” a contract with IMPACT Wrestling. The length of the deal is unknown, but he has signed a contract.

You can find the full interview with Nick Aldis here.

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