Nick Aldis On The Moment He Knew Relationship With Billy Corgan Was Over

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Nick Aldis has been giving his side of the story in the press about his situation with Billy Corgan.

On November 6, 2022, Nick Aldis declared that he would be leaving National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) after his current contract is done, which is set to expire January 1, 2023. Shortly after, NWA would suspend Aldis for his comments, originally scheduled to take Odinson at the promotion’s Hard Times 3 pay-per-view as his next match.

Nick Aldis Eventually Fell Out With Billy Corgan

Recently making an appearance on “Not Sam Wrestling” for an interview with Sam Roberts, Aldis explained why he felt the need to leave NWA, and where the bridge was burned with Billy Corgan.

Aldis would reference Billy Corgan’s appearance on SiriusXM’s “Busted Open” and whether it was a work/shoot type of deal.

“No, this was something that he said to Mickie. He and Mickie had a private conversation that he didn’t realise that I was privy to. She’s my wife. And he goes, Well, your husband is, you know, pressuring me to put the belt back on him. And you know, and for me that was, that day I went this isn’t gonna work.”

Aldis was then questioned about the timing.

“Sometime in the late spring, early summer. I know that, for me was the sort of moment where I went this relationship is not going to continue, it’s going to have to end. But I had a you know, I signed a one year contract.”

Commenting after he was questioned if he re-signed with NWA in January, Aldis confirmed:

Yeah, I signed a one year contract.

For Nick Aldis’ wife Mickie James, she’s currently active in IMPACT Wrestling, where she just recently faced off against Chelsea Green in a retirement match. If James would have lost, she would have been forced out of her career, however, James would secure the victory to keep her safe in the promotion and professional wrestling.