Nick Aldis Names Favourite NWA World Heavyweight Championship Defence

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Reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis, has named his favourite championship defence while under the National Wrestling Alliance Banner.

At time of writing, Nick Aldis’ sovereignty stands at an impressive 821 days after he defeated Cody Rhodes to regain the strap on October 21, 2018, at NWA 70th Anniversary Show.

Since then, the Brit has made countless defences against the likes of James Storm, Brian Cage, Tim Storm and most recently Jaysin Strife on January 16, 2021, at Magnum Pro Anniversary Volume 10.

Now, the Norfolk native has taken to Wrestling Headlines to discuss his favourite defence as NWA World Heavyweight Champion. While citing his bouts against Cody Rhodes as entertaining, it was his clash against a fellow Brit who had recently made headlines himself, that Aldis named his number one:

“Fortunately for me, the high-profile matches have all probably been my best performances as well, which is obviously what you want. Not to say that I phone it in on any title defence. I think you can ask anyone all over the world who has bought a ticket to see a title defence over the last two and a half years… there’s no one that will say [I’ve] phoned it in. Certainly, the Crockett Cup match with Marty Scurll in 2019 was to me, I thought was my best. One day when I look back on my body of work, that will be a match that I show to everyone to say, ‘that’s a world title match.’ A story with layers, and grit, and heart and soul, and it made sense. It was athletic and believable. It had everything. It had technical wrestling, it had high-spots, it had blood, but not gratuitous. It was two friends, there was emotion. It checked every box that I feel a main event NWA title match is supposed to have.”

The bout in question occurred on April 27, 2019, at the NWA and Ring of Honor joined branded Crockett Cup event. The bout went close to twenty four minutes and was heralded by many critics as one of the best ever defences of Ten Pounds of Gold in history.

Credit for the interview: Wrestling Headlines

h/t for the transcription: WrestleZone