Nick Aldis Comments On His Future Amidst WWE Signing Rumors

Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis was one of the biggest stars in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) for many years. But then in October 2022, the relationship between the wrestler and the promotion began to unravel. Controversial statements were made, rebuttals were thrown back, and the whole situation turned rather ugly.

Following his NWA departure, Aldis has maintained a relatively low profile. Whatever wrestling he has done has been for smaller independent companies like Dungeon Wrestling, Big Time Wrestling, and House of Glory.

As it turns out, Aldis is happy with this arrangement, at least for the moment.

Nick Aldis happy with current wrestling career trajectory

In an exclusive interview available on AdFreeShows, Nick Aldis explained that he doesn’t want to commit to any single place at this time. Although he has had phone conversations “here and there”, he’s comfortable with his current plan and doesn’t see the need to change it anytime soon.

“I just wanted to be free and clear of any commitments for a minute and then see what happens. I’ve had a couple of different phone calls with a couple of different people and places. ‘What if we did this?’ Maybe that?’ For now, that’s what I want it to be.”

Aldis is taking cues from Matt Cardona, who, like him, has his hands in different places and works different storylines/feuds depending on the promotion. He also said he isn’t just going accept the first offer that comes his way.

“I have a couple of irons in the fire and, for me, that’s what I’m happy doing. I like approaching the business like the guys used to. Matt Cardona is doing that. He’s working a program in this territory and works a thing over here. That’s intriguing to me. Ultimately, I’m very confident that I can deliver. It’s waiting for the right option, not necessarily the first one.”

Lastly, Aldis explained that he also has a small business venture on the side that he’s trying to grow, and he wouldn’t be able to do that if he made some major wrestling commitment that took up all of his time.

h/t Fightful for the transcription