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Nia Jax Details Discussion With Vince McMahon Over Her Vaccination Status

Nia Jax posing in the ring

Lina Fanene, formerly known as Nia Jax, opened up about discussing her choice not to get vaccinated with Vince McMahon.

Nia Jax was one of the more shocking releases to be announced in a wave of superstars who departed the company on November 4, 2021. Following her release, reports emerged that she was among a group of stars released due to their refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Taking to social media in the wake of her release, Lina Fanene said that she had been taking a break from WWE in order to look after her mental health. WWE then sent her a schedule to return to action on November 15th. At this point the former Nia Jax says that she asked for an extension to her break.

In her statement, Jax claims that she was then informed about her release, “without consultation.” In addition she explained that her vaccination status wasn’t mentioned.

Speaking in a new interview with Renee Paquette on The Sessions, Fanene opened up about her choice to remain unvaccinated against COVID-19 and provided details of her conversation with Vince McMahon on the subject prior to her release.

“I stood my ground on things that I know they not happy about. I chose not to get the vaccine. It was a personal choice and I remember sitting down with Vince because the entire two years I was there, we were tested every day, I never popped positive or had COVID. He said, ‘Well kid, you’re not going to be able to fill some of your contractual duties.’ I was like, if that’s the case, then that’s the case.

“It’s a business. I understand you have to run your business. I feel relieved because I made the decision for myself and I stood my ground. I stood by how I felt and my gut feeling. If it doesn’t feel right in my stomach, I can’t force myself to do something I feel good with.”

When asked if she had any regrets or if she would change anything about her decision, the former Nia Jax was adamant that she had stood her ground and wouldn’t change a thing.

“Absolutely not. I was asked to be a locker room leader. ‘You have to set an example.’ I’m not a stooge. I’m not going to go and stooge anybody out. You want to know somebody’s personal business, go ask them. I don’t play by the thing, ‘people are going to listen to you and follow suit.’ If they do, that’s on them.

“I sit back and think, I got caught up in the blurred lines of Nia Jax. It’s Nia Jax 24/7 and shit gets blurred. I can’t sit here and be something they want me to be just to appease them. At the end of the day, am I going to feel good about myself? There are plenty of stooges in the locker room.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Fanene discussed her legitimate altercation with Charlotte Flair on the August 30th, 2021 episode of Monday Night Raw.

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