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Nia Jax Reportedly Backed By Locker Room After Charlotte Flair Clash

Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax

Nia Jax reportedly received full support from female talent in the locker room after her confrontation with Charlotte Flair on Monday Night Raw.

On the August 30th episode of Monday Night Raw Nia Jax met Charlotte Flair. While the match-up might have appeared to be a run-of-the mill clash on the surface, it was in fact anything but.

At one point during the match Nia Jax picked Flair up for a belly-to-back suplex and dropped The Queen high on her back, shoulders, and neck onto the canvas. Many fans have wondered if there was a hint of reality when the two women began trading slaps before continuing with the match. Flair also delivered a nasty-looking chop block to Jax’s knee in an attempt to set her up for the Figure 8 submission.

The match came to an end with Jax delivering a vicious powerbomb to Flair to pick up the win.

It was later reported Mike Johnson of PWInsider that the match was exactly what it looked like. Things went awry and there were legitimate moments where “real slaps and punches” were thrown. Following a brief breakdown in communication, there was a “legitimate confrontation” between the two Superstars.

It has now been suggested that Jax received support from the locker room after the confrontation. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Jax was backed for standing up to Flair and refusing to be bullied around.

”The reaction to that match among at least women talent in the locker room was to be solidly behind Jax for standing up to Flair and showing her she can’t bully her around, even though Jax was the one who seemingly did the first unprofessional thing that took the match off the rails,”

The report comes after Flair was embroiled in more controversy, this time with Becky Lynch on a recent episode of SmackDown.

On the show, the two Superstars were due to exchange their Women’s Championships after Raw Women’s Champion Flair was drafted to SmackDown and Lynch, holder of the blue brand’s title was drafted to Raw.

However, the during the segment Flair awkwardly dropped her title instead of handing it to Lynch, before The Man threw her SmackDown title at The Queen. This reportedly led to a heated argument between the pair backstage, with Flair being escorted out of the building by security.

After the incident it was reported that the locker room were behind Lynch, with Flair being described as “difficult to work with.”