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Nia Jax Opens Up About Legitimate On-Air Fight With Charlotte Flair

Nia Jax Charlotte Flair

Lina Fanene, formerly known as Nia Jax in WWE, broke her silence on the real life altercation between herself and Charlotte Flair on Monday Night Raw.

On the August 30th, 2021 episode of Monday Night Raw, Nia Jax took on Charlotte Flair in what was anything but a standard on-screen confrontation. At one point, Nia Jax picked Flair up for a belly-to-back suplex and dropped The Queen high on her back, shoulders, and neck onto the canvas. Many fans wondered if there was a hint of reality when the two women began trading slaps before continuing with the match. Flair also delivered a nasty-looking chop block to Jax’s knee in an attempt to set her up for the Figure 8 submission.

Reports later emerged that the two indeed began legitimately fighting during the match after something went awry. However, the match finished as planned with Jax delivering a vicious powerbomb to Flair to pick up the win, and there were reportedly no issues between the two when they got backstage.

It was later reported Jax had the backing of the locker room following the incident, as she had refused to be pushed around.

Nia Jax addressed the confrontation in a recent episode of The Sessions with Renee Paquette, saying that she didn’t know why the two began laying into one another but that she became frustrated and hit back at her opponent.

“We were kind of laying into each other, and I was like, ‘What the heck is going on right now?’ And I think at the point where everybody saw on TV, I was just like, ‘F*** this, dude. You’re laying into me, I don’t know what’s going on.’ So I just gave her a two-piece back that kind of rocked her back into like, ‘Let’s finish this match and get s*** together.’”

However, Fanene maintained that the two are good friends in real life, and that the miscommunication during the match didn’t cause any heat between the two after the bout, something she also recently addressed on social media.

“She’s one of my best friends, so it wasn’t like we were sitting there super mad. There was some sort of miscommunication. We got backstage and I literally was like, ‘What the f***?’ I look at her and I said, ‘Are you good?’ She said, ‘Yeah, yeah, out there something went off and I didn’t feel right.’”

The two went on to face each other again the next week for the Raw Women’s Championship, a match that saw Charlotte Flair victorious.

Elsewhere in the interview, the former Nia Jax detailed how WWE asked her to return for the Royal Rumble after releasing her from the company on November 4, 2021. Jax was emphatic about not returning to the company less than three months after she was released.

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