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Nia Jax Says “Hard F**king No” To Being Part Of The Bloodline

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Former WWE Superstar Nia Jax has hit back at a fan suggestion that she could have been part of The Bloodline alongside Roman Reigns and The Usos.

The Bloodline have sat atop SmackDown for much of 2021 with Roman Reigns keeping a firm grip on the Universal Championship, while The Usos are in possession of tag team gold. The ship being guided by resident “Wise Man” and Special Counsel to the champion, Paul Heyman.

The only thing it has been argued that the all-conquering faction is missing is a female presence. It has long been rumoured that Naomi, due to being Jimmy Uso’s wife would be the natural fit for the role, but that has yet to come to pass. Paul Heyman even commented on the speculation back in October.

Posting on Twitter, a fan recently said that they thought Nia Jax could have been the “missing piece” in the group prior to being released. However, it appears that Jax herself is far less enthusiastic about the proposition. The former Raw Women’s Champion replying that there was “no f**ken way” she’d have liked to have been involved.

On November 4th, former Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax was released by WWE after a seven year run with the company. Jax was among 18 Superstars released at the start of November, with the WWE citing budget cuts as the main reason behind the departures.

However, it was later reported that Jax was “openly unvaccinated” against COVID-19 and this played a part in her release. In response, the former NXT Superstar said that her vaccination status had nothing to do with her leaving the company.

In the weeks following her release, Jax changed her name on her social media profiles to her birth name “Lina Farene” revealing that it’s “highly unlikely” she’ll wrestle again.