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Nia Jax Explains Why She Took A Dive On Raw

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One half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax, has taken to Twitter to joke about why she dived through the ropes on November 30.

During the Monday Night Raw in question, Jax and Shayna Baszler battled Lana and Asuka in a non-title match, stemming from the pair’s hatred of the former ‘Ravishing Russian’ heading into Survivor Series.

Part-way through the bout, a visible botch occurred when Lana seemed to pull down the middle rope too soon and Jax simply watched before charging headfirst through the open cord.

The moment was jumped upon by many of those watching, forcing Jax to take to social media to make light of the moment.

When asked why she decided to take the dive instead of thinking on her feet, the star simply stated with her tongue firmly in cheek:

“Umm, I was charging at Little Jimmy. He had it coming.”

Things took a slightly more serious turn, however, when Jax joked about injuring other talent in response to one devotee who pleaded with her not to hurt Little Jimmy.

“Too late. I’m sure the dirt sheets will report that I ‘legitimately’ injured Jimmy and he will be out for 6-8 weeks.”

Though Jax was making light of the situation, she does have a reputation inside the ropes of hurting some that have opposed her and was recently blamed for the injury Mandy Rose suffered prior to Survivor Series.

Throwing Rose from the ring, the star became entangled between the ropes and landed awkwardly on her left shoulder. WWE were forced to write Mandy out of Survivor Series because of the injury, however, this was not Jax’s fault and can be attributed to an accidental landing.