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Nia Jax Calls Out ‘Whiners’ After RAW Botch

Nia Jax has hit back at those who believe she hurt Dana Brooke in a rough looking spot on Monday Night RAW, calling them ‘whiners’.

On Monday’s WWE Raw, Jax performed a one-armed powerbomb / chokeslam on Brooke, who took a hard looking landing and then grabbed the back of her neck – Reports afterwards have fortunately ruled out an injury to Dana, claiming she is ‘100% ok’.

Jax was teaming with Shayna Baszler and Lacey Evans, they went on to defeat the trio of Dana Brooke, Charlotte Flair, and Mandy Rose on RAW. The ‘botched’ spot between Jax and Brooke grew some legs on Twitter overnight, but didn’t go unnoticed by Jax herself who retweeted a post from TalkSport’s Alex McCarthy saying “A thread of whiners. Love to see it.“.

Nia Jax (real name Savelina Fanene) responded to another tweet claiming that she hit Dana with “another dangerous spot“, simply replying “Glad to see I’m still living rent free in all you weak ass loser’s heads“.

‘The Irresistible Force’ has been called out for being unsafe in the ring before this, most notably when she accidentally injured Becky Lynch in October 2018 leaving her with a broken nose and concussion (forcing her to miss her scheduled Survivor Series bout against Ronda Rousey).