Nia Jax Addresses Her Wrestling Future

Nia Jax - Lina Fanene

It’s approaching a year since Nia Jax last wrestled so the question is, will she ever lace her boots again?

Surprisingly released by WWE last November, Nia Jax concluded her seven-year career with the promotion. Jax hadn’t wrestled prior to signing with the sports entertainment giant in early 2014, being assigned to the NXT brand as she developed as a performer.

As the years went by, Nia Jax became somewhat of a stalwart of the women’s division, feuding with just about every female WWE Superstar throughout her stint. Now that she’s a free agent, however, it’s unknown what the future holds for ‘The Irresistible Force’.

The real-life Lina Fanene recently joined the Wives of Wrestling Podcast to discuss what the next move may be for the former Nia Jax:

“You know, I always thought I would never wrestle again. I don’t think I’d go back to full-time wrestling because it was, it’s crazy, now they have it different, but it just took a lot. It took a toll on me. But I wouldn’t mind going back and doing like a fun little story and, you know, putting somebody over whatever, like something like that. But like, I think, you know, I gave it a good amount of time and now I’m like, prefer to just God willing, get married and have kids, you know.”

Nia Jax enjoyed runs as the Raw Women’s Champion and Women’s Tag Team Champion, alongside Shayna Baszler, during her career. Upon her release, Nia was announced for the inaugural Wrestling Entertainment Series card, where she was slated to wrestle CJ Perry for the Women’s Championship. This was, however, postponed and ultimately cancelled.

Although she may not wrestle much more, Nia Jax did comment on what other projects she’s got her eyes fixed on:

“Yeah, so I do, I model every year, every now and then. And the good thing about being in WWE was I was smart enough to save. So I saved a lot of my money. I built it to just do what I want and help take care of my nephew. I’m very, very lucky.”

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