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Next WWE Universal Champion Possibly Revealed? [POTENTIAL SPOILER]

WWE Universal Championship

A new report has shed light on the state of the WWE and Universal Championships ahead of WrestleMania with a possible next Universal Champion being named.

Plans changed massively for WWE ahead of their Day 1 show on New Year’s Day with Brock Lesnar leaving with a title he wasn’t expecting a reportedly Seth Rollins leaving the event without one that he was after stories emerged that he was set to win the WWE Title.

The Beast Incarnate was originally scheduled to face Roman Reigns for the Universal Title at WWE’s newest “premium live event” before fate intervened. Reigns tested positive for COVID-19 before the show so was unable to compete.

Rather than miss out altogether, Brock Lesnar was then placed in the WWE Championship bout that was originally scheduled to be a Fatal Four-Way involving Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley, and defending champion, Big E.

In the end, the might of The Conqueror proved too much for the rest of the field and Brock Lesnar came out with the win and the WWE Championship, pinning Big E for the gold.

With the original plans on the Road to WrestleMania seemingly now somewhat amiss, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has noted that plans could be in place to switch the WWE Universal Championship before WrestleMania to get the plans back on track for The Show Of Shows:

“I was kind of told it’s gonna end up where it’s supposed to be. So I wonder if that means they’re gonna switch belts, like the Universal belt with Seth goes on RAW and the WWE belt that Roman would end up most likely, I’m gonna guess but Brock would have, would be on SmackDown.”

Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins has emerged as Roman Reigns’ next challenger for the WWE Universal Championship with the former Shield partners and WWE Tag Team Champions set to do battle at the Royal Rumble. Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar will also defend his title at the event against his first challenger, Bobby Lashley.