New WWE Regime Made Decision To Keep Programming PG

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A new report has claimed that it was WWE’s new management that made the decision to scrap plans to move to TV-14.

Back on July 14th it was reported that WWE were set to abandon their current TV-PG policy and return to TV-14 for the first time since 2008.

The report was greeted positively by fans with many believing that an edgier on-screen product would help storytelling and make WWE’s programming more enjoyable, and more reminiscent of the often-heralded Attitude Era.

However, despite claims that the switch would be immediate it failed to materialise. Just a couple of weeks later, SummerSlam was initially promoted as being TV-14, but no changes appeared to be made.

A fresh report on August 25th offered an update on the situation that plans for a change had been dropped.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has now noted that decision came directly from WWE’s new management team of Triple H, Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon.

“The new regime made the decision to stay TV-PG. It was significant enough that there was advertising out on SummerSlam being TV-PG and USA Network sent out an internal memo, and Pat McAfee even brought it up on Smackdown. But the decision was made not to go in that direction.”

Interestingly the news of the non-change comes after Warner Brothers Discovery have ordered AEW to tone down the language used on their programming.

In recent weeks, CM Punk used the word “sh*t” on multiple occasions as he called out Hangman Adam Page and then Jon Moxley. His comments towards Page were said to be completely off-script and stem from real issues between the pair.